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by Joe is a website providing many useful webmaster resources such as free website hosting, site templates, tutorials and more. If you plan to set up a website for your personal use or your business, you may see whether the Zymic free hosting plan fits your needs.

The key features of the free website hosting plan on are listed below.

Web storage space: 5 GB
 Bandwidth:  50 GB
 Individual file size:  up to 15 MB
 Number of websites hosted:  unlimited
 FTP access:  yes
 Forced ads:  no
 PHP support:  yes
 MySQL databases:  3
 Free sub-domain:  yes
 Your own domain:  yes
 Custom support:  community forum support

Everything has a reason. When a service is popular, there might be a reason why people like it; when a service is not welcomed, there might be a reason why people hate it. Here we will take a look of the pros and cons of the Zymic free webhosting plan.

At, you will get up to 5 GB web storage space with their free plan. This should be considered as an upside of this plan. Usually free hosting plans come with less disk space compared to paid plans. The reason is obvious. The bigger the storage space, the more resources it will take and the more expensive it will be. That is why many free web hosts only offer disk space at the MB level.

zymic.comThis plan will allow you to use up to 50 GB bandwidth per month for your website’s data transfer. To decide whether this amount of bandwidth is enough for your site, you should figure out how much web traffic to your site will be. If your site is popular and has heavy web traffic, it probably needs a hosting plan with a relatively larger bandwidth allowance. If there is no much data transferring back/forward on your site, it doesn’t need much bandwidth.

This Zymic hosting plan allows you to host as many websites as you like. You can also get free sub-domains for your sites when you enroll. They provide a variety of domains for you to choose for your sub-domain names, such as,, and As a domain hosting site, Zymic also allows you to use your own domain names for your websites, which should be considered as a good feature. One of the reasons is that you will build your own brand when using your own custom domain on your site.
At this host, you may be able to set up a site using PHP and MySQL based web applications such as WordPress, Joomla, Drupal and so on, since their webhosting plan supports PHP and up to 3 MySQL databases. These features are commonly seen among paid web hosting services, but they are rarely seen among free services.

Another reason that you may like this hosting plan is that it is no advertisements. By using their zero cost web hosting service to host your site, you don’t have to show any forced as on your website.

You should be aware that when using this hosting service, you will not get full customer service. Similar to many other free web hosts, Zymic only provides community forum support to users of their free service. When you have questions regarding their services, you can start threads in their support forum and then you may find answers in the responses.

Bottom line: This Zymic web hosting plan is for people who need services like free domain hosting, free site hosting with PHP and MySQL, and free website hosting with no ads.

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