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by Joe is a web site that provides web creation and web hosting services. Its web hosting services include both free and paid plans. Yola has been in business since 2007 and it is owned by Yola Inc., a company based in San Francisco, USA.

Here are some key features of Yola’s free website hosting package:
Web storage space: 1 GB
Bandwidth: not specified
Maximum uploading file size: 5 MB
Number of websites allowed: 2
Forced ads: Yola promotional link only; No third party’s ads

Websites are useful. That is why many people want to have their own personal or business sites on the internet. Building a website is not a daunting task for professionals, but it is not easy for people without any website-building knowledge or experience.

How to create a website?
In general, there are 3 ways to create a website. Which approach you choose depends on your time schedule and financial situation. First, if you have money but don’t have time, you can hire professional web developers to build the web site for you. For example, you can pay several hundred dollars to hire professional website designers on to create a site for you. This is a quick solution but an expensive one. Second, if you have time and want to make a website by yourself, you can learn all the required knowledge and skills starting from HTML coding, which will take some time and effort. Lastly, if you don’t have time but still want to build their own website, you can use a drag-and-drop website builder, which is much easier to learn than programming languages such as HTML, CSS, Javascript, PHP and so on.

yola.comAt Yola, they provide a free online site builder for the customers of their web hosting services. Yola’s website builder is very easy to use. With this website building tool, most users can finish building their first web site within a half hour. The sitebuilder is quite flexible and it allows advanced users to customize their websites’ HTML codes.

Customers can find both free and paid web page hosting plans on Yola. The free web hosting plan comes with 1 GB disk space. This storage space is rather large and it should be big enough for building a personal website or a small business website. They did not specify the monthly bandwidth of the free plan, so we may just assume it is unlimited. There are other limitations in their free website hosting package. For example, each free membership account can only host a maximum of 2 sites for free, and the maximum upload file size for free members is only 5 MB, which means it is impossible to use the free site hosted on Yola to host any file with a size larger than 5 MB. Even though the features of the free hosting plan are inferior to their paid plans, it is free, so one cannot ask for too much.

When signing up at this site, members will get a free subdomain under their domain name. For example, if you want your site’s name is “mywebstore”, the subdomain name that you are going to get is If you think the subdomain is not good enough for your site, you can purchase and use your own registered domain name.

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