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by Joe is a popular blog hosting website. At this site, you will find a free blog hosting service, as well as paid advanced blogging solutions. These services are brought to you by Automattic Inc., a company physically located in San Francisco, USA. The company behind this website is also responsible for developing WordPress, the well-known open source blogging software.

Key features of the free web hosting service at
Disk space: 3 GB
Monthly bandwidth: Unlimited
Forced ads: Yes

If you are looking for a free website hosting site to host your personal blog or personal website, you may want to look into this web site. Basically, this site is a hosted version of WordPress, which is a very popular blogging platform, because it makes blogging much easier.

The following are some reasons why people like this free blogging site.
Firstly, it is convenient. At WordPress, you do not need to download and install the software to use the wordpress blogging platform. Instead, it is pre-installed on the site. All you need to do is to create an account and log into your account to start using the blogging platform. If you have no previous experience with it, it doesn’t matter since WordPress is quite easy to learn and master. In addition, with this web site, you do not need find another web hosting plan to host your site, because they also provide web hosting services on the site.

wordpress.comSecondly, it is zero cost. WordPress’ basic web hosting plan is free. This basic plan comes with 3 GB web storage space and unlimited monthly bandwidth. These features are much better than most other free website hosting packages and should be large enough for building most personal websites.

Lastly, it is flexible. The blogging services offered on this site include both free and paid services. The free service has limited features. For example, free members can only use a sub-domain name on as their site’s main URL. This means that they cannot use domain name such as or on their site, and they, instead, can only use as the site’s name. Maybe a subdomain is good for most cases, but if the site owner does not want to be restricted to a sub-domain, he or she can use a top-level domain by becoming a paying member. In addition, there are many premium features included with the paid plans, such as custom design, more storage space, no-ads hosting and so on.

What are the downsides of the free web hosting service on
Firstly, this hosting plan is supported by ads, which means they will serve their ads on your blog or website if you host your site using this plan. Forced ads are commonly seen on most free site hosting services and they are not specific to this site, since all the service providers need some income to cover the expenses. To remove these forced ads, you have to pay an annual fee to purchase the no-ads upgrade feature.

Secondly, they do not allow the free hosted websites or blogs to show third party advertising such as Adsense, Chitika, Yahoo and so on, except their own ads and WordAds ( But this rule is not applied to their VIP sites.

In summary, is for people who want to get a free blog online. Their free site hosting plan is ad-supported and features 3 GB of web space and unlimited monthly data transfer.

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