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by Joe is a website where internet users can find web creation services. This site is owned by inc., a company headquartered in New York, USA which has been in business since 2006. At this site, you can find free website building tools and a free web hosting plan.

Here are some major features of the Wix free website hosting package:
Web storage space: 500 MB
Monthly data transfer: 500 MB
Forced ads: Yes
Free Domain/sub-domain: Wix sub-domain
Free website builder: Yes

Wix provides creation website services. If you want to create a conventional web site, a mobile web site or a Facebook fan page, you may find solutions on Wix. The services on this site are particularly suitable for people who want to build their own websites but don’t have enough coding or programming knowledge. Their drag-n-drop web site builders are easy to use, and you don’t need to know HTML language to use them. At this time, they provide two website editors on the site including a HTML website builder and a flash website builder. Both of them are free to use for their members, and it is zero cost to sign up as a member of Wix.

After registering as a member of  Wix, you also get access to their free website hosting services since it is included in the basic package. This means that you can create a website using the provided website builder, customize it any way you like, and publish it online without paying any money.

wix.comThis free website hosting plan gives you 500 MB storage space and 500 MB monthly bandwidth. The storage space and bandwidth are two important features that you have to consider when shopping for web hosting plans. The size of storage space you need depends on the size of your site. If the total size of your site is larger than 500 MB, this plan may not good enough for you. Before making any decision, you should calculate how much web storage space you need for your site. The size of bandwidth you need depends on the amount of data transfer of your website. In general, if you expect more visitors to your site and your visitors are going to view files with large sizes, you need a large bandwidth for your web hosting plan.

The Wix free web hosting plan is not a free domain hosting plan, which means that as a user of this plan, you can only use a URL containing but not your own custom domain as your site’s address. Generally speaking, sites with full domains perform better in search engines like Google, Bing and so forth. If you are going to make a website for your business, it may be worthwhile to pay some money to upgrade to one of their premium plans so that you can customize your site’s domain name and enjoy more hosting features.

Lastly, the Wix’s free hosting service is supported by ads. If you create a free site on Wix, they may put their ads and logos on your site.

In summary, offers a free website builder and an ads-supported free web hosting service.

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