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by Joe is a business which provides website building solutions and is owned by a company physically located in Florida, USA. At this web site, they provide an easy-to-use free website builder along with three web hosting plans. One of their plans is totally free to use, and the other two including “Pro” and “Pro Plus” are only available to paid clients.

The free webhosting plan of offers the following features.
Disk storage space: 10 MB
Monthly bandwidth: 5 GB
Your own domain: NA
Number of web pages: 5
Support service: Email support
Forced ads: Webstarts footer banner
Types of website: Personal, business

Webstarts is one of websites offering both a free website builder and a free hosting plan. Basically the free hosting plan is just a bonus for the customers of the free site builder. The reason that they offer the hosting plan for without charging any money is that they believe if the client likes their website building tools and services, he or she will like to upgrade his or her plan to become a paid customer.

Building a web site requires 3 components including a domain name, a website and a server to host the web site. It may be easy to purchase a domain name from a domain registrar and a website hosting plan from a web hosting provider. What is complicated is to create the website itself. When creating a web site, you need to consider many factors including the web content and the web design. When designing a web, you not only need to consider its appearance but also its functionality. So it is not easy for people without any coding skill to create a website within a short period of time. That is why some people may need a drag-and-drop website builder to get their job done easily and quickly. Webstarts provides one of these do-it-yourself website builders online.

webstarts.comHere, let me briefly explain how to make a free web site with the Webstarts site builder. First, you create an account on the site. Second, login into your account and use the provided website builder to create your web site. Third, publish your new web site online by using their free web site hosting plan. This plan only allows you to publish a site with fewer than 5 web pages and total size smaller than 10 MB. And the bandwidth you are going to get with this hosting plan is 5 GB per month. If you are a free member of the site, you are not allowed to use your own domain name, and they will also add their footer banner ads on your site. If you don’t like these restrictions of the free website hosting package and would like to enjoy more webhosting features such as more storage capacity, more monthly bandwidth, free domain, ads-free hosting and the like, you can pay the hosting fee and upgrade to their paid hosting plans including “PRO” and “PRO Plus” plans. You can compare the features of the free and paid hosting plans and make your decision based on what you need. Please note if you want to remove the Webstarts footer banner ads from your site, you should choose the “PRO Plus” plan.

The advantage of free plans is low cost obviously. If you don’t want to spend any money on web hosting service, you should choose the free plan. However, most people find that lack of control, flexibility and customer support are the major drawbacks associated with free services. For instance, the clients of the free web hosting plan at Webstarts can only get customer support through email. Their phone support is only available to the clients of the premium “PRO Plus” plan.

In summary, by taking advantage of the ads-supported free website hosting plan at, with 10 MB website space and 5 GB monthly data transfer, you can test whether you like their website building tools and services. If you like them, you have the flexibility to upgrade your plan at any time.

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When choosing web hosting services, you have to make your own decision based on your own needs. But reading reviews will help you learn more information about their services.

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