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by Joe is an online place where you can find a free website hosting plan. This free webhosting service is not only for people building personal websites, but also for building small business websites. These site hosting services are offered by Webs Inc., a company acquired by Vistaprint Netherlands B.V. in 2011.

The key features of the free site hosting package offered at

Web storage space:   40MB
 Bandwidth (monthly):   500 MB
 Forced ads:   Yes
 Free website builder:   Yes
 Customer support:   No
 Email addresses:   No
 Free domain name:   No
 Free sub-domain name:  Yes (example:
 Video storage:   No
 Paid web hosting plans:  available


On this website, both paid and free site hosting plans are available. Web hosting services are for people who want to have a website on the internet without their own servers. In general, there are at least two types of website hosting services, including free hosting and paid hosting. The former one is meant for beginners, people with tight budgets, and people looking for temporary website hosting solutions. If you have never used their services before, you may want to try it out by starting with their free hosting plan. Later, if you like, you can upgrade to become one of their paid customers by choosing one of the 3 premium plans including Starter, Enhanced and Pro. Which to choose depends on your needs and

The Webs’ free hosting package includes 40 MB disk space and 500 MB monthly bandwidth. When choosing website hosting plans, you need to pay attention to the main features such as web storage space and bandwidth. Generally speaking, if you need to build a big website with many web pages or containing large-sized multimedia files, you need a service with a large disk space. If you need more data transfer capacity for your new website, you need a plan with high bandwidth. Whether this is enough to meet your needs depends on what kind of site you are going to build. It is quite easy to do the math yourself.

Even though customers are allowed to use this plan to build business websites, the size of the website cannot be big because of the limited storage space and bandwidth, and the 5 web store items limitation.

Webs only offers the 24/7 customer support to its paid customers but not free customers. It is not surprising because high quality customer service can be very expensive. When shopping for web hosting plans, you should consider both it customer support and and the features and functionality of the web hosting plan.

Building a web site is not a difficult task, particularly when you have handy tools. When looking for web hosts, you also need to consider whether they provide a web builder, what kind of scripts they allow and similar questions. At the Webs site, they provide a free drag-and-drop web builder, which is a web building tool available even to the customers of their free website hosting service. They claim that this site builder can help people build a small business website easily. Many people may not be familiar with HTML or any other scripting languages, but they still can upload images, type in text and create a website with the help of a website builder.

You don’t need to pay any money to enjoy free website hosting services at most of time. Here, “free” means “no payment required”, which is the upside of this kind of services. What is the downside, then? The major downside is that these webhosting services are usually ad-supported. It means that if you use this type of hosting plan to make a website, they will add their ads on your site, which are commonly called “forced ads”. The Webs’ free site hosting plan is also an ads-supported service. No matter if you are building a regular web site or a mobile-ready web site with their free webhosting plan, you should expect to see their advertisements on your site.

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It is usually beneficial to see the opinions of other clients by reading reviews. The more information you have, the easier it is to make a good decision.

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