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by Joe is a website offering web creation services online. They offer a web-based website building software, SiteMaker, for users to make their own websites. They also include web hosting services in their website building packages. Overall there are 5 packages available on the site including Free, Lite, Standard, Plus and Max. The free plan is free to use, and the rest are fee-based. These services are brought to you by SiteMaker Software Limited, a UK-based company.

Core features of the free site building package at

Disk space: 20 MB
 Bandwidth:  1 GB per month
 Number of sites:   1
 Number of webpages:  15 (maximally)
 Online shop:  yes
 Number of products:   10
 Facebook shop:  yes
 Forced ads:  yes
 Your ads:  not allowed
 Free subdomain:  yes (example:
 Your own custom domain:  not allowed
 Inactivity period allowed:   180 days
 Customer support:  no

By using the free web site building package at Webeden, you can create 1 website with up to 15 pages. If you need to build multiple sites, you may consider purchasing their paid packages. For instance, the standard package will allow you to build up to 5 sites; the plus package will allow you to build up to 10 sites.

They have limitations on the amount of disk space and bandwidth your website can use on their server. The allowed disk space is only 20 MB, and the monthly bandwidth is only 1 GB. If you think this is too small and may be not enough for your site’s operation, you can purchase more anytime you like.

When building and hosting your website with the Webeden free package, you are not allowed to show any of your own advertisement on your site, even though you are allowed to use the service to build an online shop and/or a Facebook shop. In addition, you may see Webeden’s and its partners’ ads on your website, since their free service is advertising-supported. You are not allowed to modify or remove these forced advertisements unless you upgrade to their premium packages.

When signing up for this free service, you will get a free sub-domain on their site. You can name the sub-domain but you are not allowed to your own top-level domain on your site, because it is a fee-based advanced feature.

Another downside of this free service is that they don’t provide any customer support for free users, although you may help yourself by reading the online documents listed on their site.

Also please be aware that they have a policy to remove account without any activity within 180 days. So in order to keep your account active, you have to log into your account at least once per 180 days, according to their terms of service.

So, what are the upsides of this website creation package? That is their fabulous site builder. It is an easy to use site builder which even allows people without any site building experience to make a professional looking website. Believe it or not, there are millions of websites that were built with their software.

The bottom line is if you are interested in the questions like how to find a free website builder and create a free web site easily, you may like what they provide on the webeden site.

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