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by Joe is an internet site where you can find a free website hosting service package. It is partnered with Youhosting and presents a free webhosting plan featured with unlimited webspace and bandwidth. This web site is also known as All the services offered on this site are provided by MiniGig LLC.

Here we will talk about what the upsides and downsides of this free plan. You may find out why people like it. The major hosting features offered on this plan have been summarized and listed at the end of the article. You should take a quick look, if you like. This may help you to make your own decision within a short period of time.

When selecting web hosts, you should at least ask these questions:

1. How much disk space and bandwidth can I get?

This plan will allow you to use unlimited webspace and bandwidth. These offers are terrific. But you also want to learn whether they have any restrictions on how you use these resources.

2. What methods can I use to upload files to my site?

Most free webhosting packages offer both FTP and file manager for file transferring. FTP access is preferred by many webmasters usually. Fortunately you can use FTP client to manage files on your website when it is hosted with this plan.

3. Is it an ad-supported service?

This service is not sponsored by forced ads. Many free webhosts put advertising banners to their client’s sites so that they can get some financial compensation to pay the bill. But you don’t need to worry to see intrusive ads on your site when using this web hosting service.

4. What scripting languages are compatible?

Nowadays many scripts can be used on website building. If you just want to make a small site with simple HTMLs, you don’t need to worry about this feature. However, if your site is made of CMS platforms such as WordPress, Joomla and Drupal, you may want to know whether the hosting plan is compatible with latest versions of PHP and MySQL database. You may also want to whether they provide script installer so that you can install your script without hassle.

5. Can I get website building tools and a free domain name with the hosting package?

Sometimes paid web hosting service packages offer top-level domain name for free. But this kind of offer is rarely seen with free packages. Most of the time, free web hosts just offer free sub-domains. For instance, Fiihosting also offers a sub-domain name in this package.

These five features are just the main ones you have to consider. Besides, you should also consider many other miscellaneous features such as email service, customer support and so on. Most time free web hosts also offer certain level customer support, but don’t expect to get full customer support because it is too expensive.

fiihosting.comKey features of the free web hosting plan available on

Disk space: unlimited

Monthly data transfer: unlimited

Forced ads: no

Free sub-domain: yes

Free website builder: yes

Number of email accounts: unlimited (IMAP/POP/SMTP)

Number of MySQL: unlimited

PHP5: yes

WordPress: yes

Drupal: yes

Joomla: yes

FTP access: yes

In conclusion, offers a free php hosting plan which might be used to host WordPress, Joomla and Drupal websites.

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