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by Joe is an online place where internet users can find a free website hosting plan full of unlimited features such as disk space, bandwidth, MySQL database, Add-on domains, Parked domains, email accounts and FTP accounts.

Nowadays it is easy to find a web host offering free service, but it is hard to find a free “unlimited” web hosting service. Most of the time, users only get a very limited amount of web resources and features from a free plan. For instance, they may only offer a limited amount of web space, bandwidth and so on.

Here we try to help you find a free hosting plan that meets your needs. So let us take a look at what you will get from the Freezoy’s plan.

What amount of web space will you be able to get?
This package consists of unlimited web disk space. It is a wonderful feature that many other popular free web hosts cannot beat. So if you would like to make a big website, you may be glad to get this plan with no restriction on web space.

What amount of data transfer usage do they offer?
This plan offers unlimited monthly data transfer usage. No restriction on bandwidth means that you are able to get as many visitors to your website as you wish. You don’t need to worry about that your visitors cannot access your site because bandwidth overuse.

Could you use file transfer protocol for file transferring?
You will get unlimited FTP accounts. Isn’t it a convenient? It is ideal considering some free web hosts only offer 1 FTP account in their service plans.

Are custom domains allowed?
Yes. When signing up, you will get a free sub domain. For instance, it may look like However, later you can use your own TLDs. You could use this service to have unlimited add-on domains, sub-domains and parked domains. They also provide full domain management and DNS management. By the way, you may want to find about the nameservers of their service if you want to apply use your own domains. To set the DNS records properly, you have to type in the nameservers at your domain registrar. Your visitors will be able to find your web site once this has been completed. Although it is nice to save money using a free host, it is a good idea to build your site with your own customized domain.

Does it have compulsory ad banners?
According to their terms, they may put some ads on users’ sites so that they can get some revenue to cover the bill. So if you would like to have a free web hosting with no ads, this one is not what you want obviously.

Is technical support available?
If you encounter any problems, you may reach them by using the ticket system found in the cPanel.

freezoy.comCore features of the free web hosting plan offered on
Web space: unlimited
Bandwidth: unlimited
Email accounts: unlimited (webmail, POP3)
Add-on domains: unlimited
Parked domains: unlimited
Sub domains: unlimited
FTP accounts: unlimited
MySQL databases: unlimited
Auto Script installers: yes
Free website builder: yes
Full domain management: yes
DNS records management: yes
Forced ads: yes
Maximum # of accounts per person: 3
Free subdomain name: yes,
Misc. features: Vista Panel, cURL, fsockopen, phpMyAdmin
Customer support: ticket system

Unlimited disk space is a very important webhosting attribute that’s missing in a lot of services provided by free web hosting providers. This website hosting package provided by Freezoy appears to be interesting, especially for folks who need a large amount of web storage space.

In conclusion, provides a free site hosting plan featured with unlimited web space and bandwidth and a free website builder. If you don’t mind to see some advertisements on your site, you may be interested in what they offer.

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