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by Joe, a site owned by uCoz Web-Services, provides web-based website design software named uCoz. The mission of the company is to help people build websites quickly and easily. Besides the free website builder, they also offer 6 website hosting packages, including a free web hosting package.

Here are the main features of the uCoz free web creation package.
Free site builder: yes, uCoz
Compulsory ads: yes
Your own domain: allowed
Technical support: yes
Web storage space: 400 MB
Monthly bandwidth: unlimited
Website statistics: yes
File uploading: web browser, FTP (up to 15 MB per file)

The free web hosting package offered at this site is for people to try their uCoz website builder. There are many web-based website design software available on the market. Each of these DIY (do it yourself) site builders has its own features. Most of the time you can learn about the main features of a website builder from its description. But the best way to find out whether the software meets your needs is to try it out by yourself. uCoz, for example, comes with many features such as a variety of modules, tons of built-in gadgets and widgets, a user-friendly control panel, beautiful pre-designed templates and more. Theoretically, uCoz is designed to help people to create whatever web sites they want such as blogs, forums, online stores, sites for organizations and the like. However, in practice, one product can’t satisfy all needs in most cases because different people have different needs. To find out whether uCoz is the website builder you are looking for is to give it a try by yourself.

ucoz.comThe uCoz’s free hosting package allows you to set up and run your web site easily. It allows you to upload your website either through web interface or through FTP. When using FTP to transfer your files, you have to make sure that the file size should be smaller than 15 MB. Once your web site has been published online, it also allows you to monitor your site’s traffic and show the results of your site’s web statistics to you. With this data, you can understand your visitors better and then make corresponding improvements to your site. So the website statistics is a quite useful tool when running your site.

With this free website hosting plan, you can use your own domain name as your website’s web address. This feature is rarely seen among free hosting plans offered on sites offering website creation services. If you don’t have your own domain name, you can get a free sub-domain name containing For instance, if you name your site as “myfreesite”, the free sub-domain will be

The uCoz free plan will give you unlimited monthly bandwidth and webspace starting from 400 MB. The storage space can be increased when your site gets older and more visitors, according to their policy.

This free webhosting service is ad-supported. So don’t feel surprised to see some ads banners on your web site or on the control panel. If you want to build an ad-free web site or don’t want to see the ad on your control panel, you can pay some money to purchase their paid plans. As paying customers at uCoz, you will enjoy more benefits such as better customer support.

In conclusion, is a pretty popular website featured with a free website builder and a free website hosting plan. If you have no website building experience but want to create a website for free, you may want to check it out.

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