Turn a Facebook Fan Page into a Website For Free

by Joe

Www.exai.com is a company providing a DIY website building solution. No matter if you want set up a site for your business, a mobile site, or a fancy Facebook fan page, you may find their services useful. This company is relatively new; it was just launched in 2012.

On Exai, internet users can find both a premium website creation and hosting plans and a free plan. The premium plan is fee-based and has many advanced features such as unlimited disk space, unlimited web pages, domain hosting and more. The free plan only has limited features. But users can use it to create a free website from their Facebook fan page. It is a great offer for users to get familiar with their web design tools and other services.

How to turn a Facebook fan page into a matching website for free at exai.com?

1. You need to log into your Facebook account with your email and password.

2. You need to find “Exai website” and use their Facebook APP to start building your new website. Before creating your new site, you have to give the Exai website builder your permission for accessing your page. Then choose which page you want to use since this APP allows you to use a specific page for the website setup purpose. You also have to choose how to create the site layout. Either you choose the layout or let it automatically chose for you. Carefully read the terms of service before moving on to the next step.

exai.com3. Choose the layout you like if you made a corresponding choice on the previous step. You can browse the list and pick the one you like most. Once you have made your selection, a site will be automatically generated. Then you can change the design and make your custom-made site look better. For your information, free users only have limited design options. If you wish to have more design options and more flexibility to modify your site, you can upgrade to the premium plan.

4. Use the website editor to fine tune your new site. The Exai website builder is a drag-and-drop site building tool which allows you to move any elements to your desired location quickly and easily. If you wish, you can put more content on your site including articles, videos, images and more.

5. Publish your website online by using a free subdomain on exai.com. You are allowed to name your subdomain. But as a free user on Exai, you can only use Exai’s subdomain as the URL of your site. If you want to use your own domain, you can enjoy the domain hosting feature by upgrading to their premium plan.

In summary, Exai.com provides a free website creator for Facebook members to turn their fan page into a website. If you want to turn your Facebook page into a site or build a website for your small business, you may be interested in the tools and services offered at this web site.

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Although you will ultimately make a decision according to your own preferences, there is no harm in considering the thoughts and opinions of other people by reading exai.com reviews.

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