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by Joe is a website which provides social website creation services. This site is owned and operated by Spruz, Inc., a company registered in Seymour, TN, U.S.A.. They try to serve people who want to create their own social networks on the web. Because different people have different budgets and/or needs, they provide 4 website plans on the site, namely “Free”, “Starter”, “Plus”, and “Complete”. The Spruz free website plan has following features:

File space: 100 MB
Monthly bandwidth: 2 GB
Number of member profile pages: 50
Compulsory ads: footer link
Your ads: not allowed
Number of social store items: 10
Free drag-and-drop webpage editor: yes
Custom HTML, CSS: yes
JavaScript: no
Free sub-domain name: yes (example:
Customer service: community support


Have you ever thought to have your own social networking site? If so, you may like Spruz.
The internet plays an important role in the lives of many people. A variety of products and services are offered online to satisfy the needs of different users. One type of website is the social networking website, which are used by many internet users because they allow people to make new friends or connect with their existing friends over the internet. At social networking websites, users build their social networks and conduct many activities such as sharing interests and thoughts. Because many people have realized how useful a social networking site can be, more and more people want to build their own social networking websites. This may sound like a daunting task, but it is not mission impossible as long as you know where to start.

spruz.comSpruz is a company dedicated to helping people to build their own social network online. They offer both free and paid social website packages. The free hosting plan gives you 100 MB file space and 2 GB monthly bandwidth. It allows you to build a free social network site with up to 50 member profile pages. If you intend to make and maintain a small online community, you may want to start with their free package. As time goes by, your community may grow steadily and there will be more members in your network. If this package doesn’t fit your needs anymore, you can always upgrade to their paid packages so that you can a larger number of member profiles pages on your site, and more storage space and bandwidth for your social site.

Besides free hosting, they also offer a free web-page editor in the same service package. With this page editor, you can design your social site easily. This editor allows you to modify the HTML code and control CSS, but it doesn’t allow you to insert JavaScript into your web pages.

The Spruz free social website package also comes with many useful features to help you to run a versatile social network site. For instance, there is an email feature which allows you to contact your members by email up to 5 times monthly. There is also a blogging function which provides blogging services to your members, and a forum function to host discussions among your members. Free users can only enjoy limited features, and paying users will enjoy more features. For instance, as a free user at Spruz, you are not allowed to edit your site’s footer where they may show their links; you are not allowed to monetize your free site with advertisements; you can only add up to 10 items on your social store; you will only get community support but not ticket support. There are more rules and restrictions with the Spruz free website plan. Please see their terms of service for details.

The bottom line is that if you want to create a social network site online for free, you may be interested in the free website offer at

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