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by Joe is a site where you can have your own online shop for free. Have you ever thought of having an e-shop on the web where you can sell T-shirts or other clothes designed by you? If you are excited about this online money making idea, you may like the service offered at this website. This service is brought to you by Spreadshirt Inc., a BBB accredited business and its current BBB rating is A+. This company is physically located in Greensburg, PA, U.S.A..

Spreadshirt is not a typical web host. They offer a free service which allows you to own your personal online T-shirt shop. If you have a talent in fashion design, or are good at design work, you may want to make a living with your talent. For instance, you can print your work on T-shirt and make money online by selling custom T-shirts. If this is what you want to do, you may be benefit from this services.

At this website, you can find two ways to make money on the internet. One is by selling your designs; the other is to open a T-shirt shop where you can make money by selling apparel designed by yourself or by other members of Spreadshirt.

spreadshirt.comIf you have a store on this site, you can earn commissions whenever you make a sale.
What are the advantages to build an e-shop at Spreadshirt? First, it is easy. With all the tools and guidelines provided, you don’t need to be a web developer to set up your own fully functional online store. Second, it is hassle-free. You add products to your store and bring in customers, and they will provide the rest of the services you need, such as order processing, shipping, customer service and so on. Third, it is at no-charge. You don’t need to pay even a penny to have a standard store. If you don’t want to purchase a domain name for your store, you can use a subdomain at the Spreadshirt platform.

What are the disadvantages to have a free T-shirt shop at Their free shop package comes with limited features. For example, you may see Spreadshirt’s advertisements on your free T-shirt shop; you cannot personalize your invoice. If you want to remove those ads and enjoy more benefits, you can upgrade to become a premium member. Usually to get a premium membership on the site, you have to pay the membership fee. But they do offer an opportunity for free members to get their premium upgrade for free if you mention them on your blog or website. If you are interested in this free offer, you should check it out to see how to get Spreadshirt premium membership for free.

The bottom line is that is perfect for people who want to have a free online shop to sell T-shirt or other design apparel.

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Tip: reviews are able to be found on numerous review websites and online forums. Since this company is a BBB accredited business, you can also check customers’ complaints on BBB site.

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