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by Joe is a website offering a variety of web hosting services including free ASP.Net hosting, MS SQL hosting, Windows hosting and Virtual server. All of their services are for paying clients, except for ASP.Net web hosting, which is free. Somee is owned by a US-based company, and is headquartered in St. Petersburg, FL. It has been in the business for 8 years. Since 2004, it has helped webmasters host more than 640,000 sites on the web.

What are the key features of the free ASP.Net hosting package at
Storage space: 150 MB
Monthly data transfer: 5 GB
Forced ads: yes
Number of domain: 1
Email: yes
MS SQL: yes (up to 15 MB)
Other features: ASP.Net 4.5/4.0/3.5/2.0/1.1, AJAX 3.5/1.0 and more
Customer support: online help system, online request form

Have you ever thought of building a website based on ASP.Net? ASP.Net is widely used to make web pages and web applications. It was developed by Microsoft and is part of Microsoft’s .Net framework. There are many advantages to using ASP.Net. For instance, with ASP.Net, you may create a dynamic websites using VB, C# and other compiled languages.

Do you know where you can host your ASP.Net website online for free-of-charge? You may think it is too good to be true. But it turns out that Somee gives you the opportunity to host your site on the internet for free. When you use their free plan to host your site, you do not need to pay the monthly fee or annual fee. However, their free service is supported by advertising. So your free website will carry some of their advertising banners/links. This way, they can get some money from ad revenue so that they can cover at least part of the bill of free hosting.

somee_comWhat features are included in the Somee’s free web hosting plan?
The free web hosting package at offers 150 MB of storage space. Let me explain what it means. Web storage space is the storage size you are allowed to use on the host server. Just like the files on your local computer, the web pages that make up your web site will take up some disk space on the host server, which will need to provide those data files to visitors of your web site. The disk space you’ll need therefore depends on how large your website is, including not only your site’s current size, but also its future size. Therefore, in order to allow for your website’s growth in the near future, you may need to give some additional storage space.

The free hosting package at gives 5 GB of monthly bandwidth. Is this data transfer amount sufficient for your website? To answer this question, you’ll have to guess the amount of bandwidth you should have for your site. Here, let me give you an example. When every website visitor views 1 MB of data, and your web site gets 1000 site visitors per month, you will need 1 GB of monthly data transfer. You get it? Here is how it works. Multiplying the quantity of website visitors with the average quantity of data every site visitor utilizes will provide you with an estimate of the monthly data transfer required. But keep in mind, this is just an estimate, and in reality, bandwidth usage varies from every month, therefore you really should add in a buffer for both flexibility and reliability.

Online request form support is available to users of’s free website hosting package.

But, in order to save your time and their time, you may want to check the online help section to see whether you can find answers to your questions before contacting them.

Also, be aware that they have a policy of deleting inactive free sites on their server automatically. So to keep your site active and from deleted, you must have at least 5 visits to your site within a period of 30 days.

The bottom-line is if you want to know how to get free hosting, you may like to check out Somee’s free web hosting plan.

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