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by Joe

Have you ever thought of creating your own website where you can share your life with your family, friends and the rest of the world? If so, you may be excited to find, a website where you can create a website at no cost. Snappages provides a series of website creation packages. Among them, the “Pro” and the “Developer” packages are for paying customers; the “Personal” package is free and available for eligible people older than 13 years old.

The key features of the free website creation package on

Web storage space:  1 GB
 Number of web pages:  5 pages
 Bandwidth:  not specified
 Free website builder:  yes
 Free sub-domain:  yes (example:
 Your own custom domain name:  not allowed
 Customer support:  not specified
 Forced ads:  no (except text links in header and footer)


Similar to many other website creation package providers, Snappages also offers a free package which allows their potential customers to try their services without paying any money. For people who want to try their Pro plan, they also have a 14 day free trial policy which will reduce the risk of purchasing.

Compared to their two paid packages, the Snappages free package comes with many restrictions and is lacking features. For example, when using this package, you are not allowed to have more than 5 custom pages on your site, whereas, paying customers can have unlimited pages on their sites. So, if you want to use their services to build a fully functional business website, you may need their premium packages. In addition, this package also has limits on the web storage space. As a free user on this site, you will get only up to 1 GB disk space on their server. This offer is definitely more generous than those offers provided by many other free web hosting services that only offer web storage space at the MB level. (By the way, 1 GB is approximately 1000 MB.)

snappages.comOverall making a website on Snappages is fun and easy. You don’t have to learn HTML language to use their website builder since it is a drag-and-drop type. This type of website builder is specifically designed for average internet users so it doesn’t require users to have any programming skill. By using the free Snap Page Personal package, you can create a website with many elements such as text, calendar, photo gallery, contact form and so on. But if you want to build a site with advanced functions such as 3D photo gallery, you have to subscribe the Pro or the Developer package.

As a free user of this site, you are not allowed to use your own domain name on your website. Instead, you will get a free sub-domain name of when signing up. And your username will be the sub-domain name. So, if you are looking for a free domain hosting site, Snappages will not satisfy your needs.

Many free website creation providers offer ads-supported services. When creating and hosting your site at Snappages, you will not see their banner ads or pop-ads on your site, but you will see their attributions with links on your site’s header and footer.

In conclusion, Snappages is a site offering a free website builder and hosting, and it may be needed by people who want to create a free personal website on the internet.

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