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by Joe provides a free service for people to create and share free webpages. Google Sites is a service offered by Google Inc., which is also the owner of the Google search engine, and many other online popular sites. If you would like to create a website without paying for any hosting fees, you may want to try the service provided at this web site. The major advantage of using their service is that it’s zero cost. You can use their service to build a website for you, your school, your family, or your business without paying any money as long as you follow their rules.

The major features of the Google Sites service:
Website storage space: 100 MB
Bandwidth: not specified
Forced ads: no
Free website builder: yes

Google Sites gives people a free opportunity to create and host a website online for free. First, let’s take a look how to create a free website with this service.

You need to create a Gmail account first, which is totally free. With a Gmail account, you can use many useful services offered by Google. If you already have a Gmail account, you can use it, because Gmail is also a service owned and operated by the same company. logged into your account, you can begin to build your website. The site builder they provide is very easy to use. You can type in the text and insert many types of web content into your site such as images, videos, slideshows and so on. You can create many sub-pages for your site and keep them organized the way you like. If you want to improve your site’s design, you can change its theme and layout and add more gadgets by using the pre-built templates. The website editor also allows you to edit the HTML code of your webpage. If you like, you can write and insert your HTML, CSS or Javascript, which gives you more control over your webpage.

After you have finished crafting your website, you can publish it online by using a free webpage URL on For example, if you give your site name as “mywikisite”, the URL will look like Please be careful for naming your site since once the name is assigned, you cannot change it anymore. But you are allowed to copy your website’s content and create a new site with it, which will have a new a site name as well. If you want to have a custom name for your site, you can map it to a sub-domain name you own.

When hosting your website using this free service, you will get up to 100 MB disk space and you can attach a file with a size of up to 20 MB. These features may not be the best among all the free web hosting services available online, but for a no-ads free web hosting service, they are not bad over all.

In conclusion, if you want to know how to create a free website online, you may be eager to learn more about Google Sites, a free website creation and hosting service.

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