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by Joe is an online blogging platform where internet users can sign up for free. It is a blogging service operated by Jux LLC., a company based in Delaware, USA. If you want to have a free weblog, you may be interested in their service.

Why do people like blogging on
Nowadays there are many websites offering free blog hosting services such as WordPress, Blogger and the like. Compared to these famous brands, Jux is a relatively new site which was launched in the summer of 2011. What makes Jux special? Why should you use it?

1. It is absolutely free to use. They do not charge any membership fee. So with their service, you can start their own blogs without paying any money for domain registration or blog hosting service. This is particularly good if you have a relatively tight budget.

2. They don’t show advertisements on their customers’ blogs. As you may know, there are many free blog hosting sites which use ads to sponsor their free services. But this is not the case for Jux. If you have your blog on this site, you will not see any ads on your blog so your readers’ attention will not be distracted. So it is a solution for building a weblog with distraction-free content.

3. It is easy to share your Jux blog on many popular social media. Every blogger wants to share his or her thoughts with as many people as possible. One way to get visitors to a blog entry is by posting an article link on social networking sites such as Facebook, Twitter and so on. After posting a blog entry on your blog, you have the option of sharing it with the rest of world through Facebook, Twitter and/or email. It is quite convenient to get more readers for your work.

jux_com4. Their blogging platform is user friendly. It supports a variety of types of web content including articles, slideshows, videos, photos, blockquotes and countdowns which give you more ways to present your ideas and thoughts.

5. It is beautiful. By using their service, you will have a chance to see your post on a whole screen which is quite unique among all the blogging platforms. What to know how it works? Just check out their home page and you will know what I mean.

6. It is iphone and ipad friendly. Traditionally people use desktop or laptop computers to access internet. But nowadays more and more people browse the web using tablets, Smartphone or other mobile devices. The blogs made on Jux are particularly friendly to web surfers using ipads or iphones.

In conclusion, provides an opportunity for bloggers to make beautiful weblogs with no cost. If you are looking for a free blogging platform to start your weblog to share your photos, videos or ideas, you may want to check their site out.

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