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by Joe is a company providing website hosting plans on the internet. Their web hosting services include a free website hosting service, which is brought to you by AttractSoft GmbH, a German company.

At Run Hosting, there are 3 web hosting plans offered, including free, personal and business hosting plans. These plans come with different features to meet different customers’ needs. For people who have a tight budget, they may want to start with the runhosting’s free webhosting plan which has limited features but is zero cost. With this plan, people can host their websites online without paying any money.

The free web hosting plan of offers the following features.

Disk storage space: 250 Mb

Bandwidth per month: 5 GB

Top-level domains hosted: 1

Subdomains: 3

Email: 1 (POP3, SMTP)

Scripting: PHP, CGI, Perl

MySQL database: 1 (up to 10 MB)

Customer support: Live-chat (presales), FAQ&help

Forced ads: no

FTP access: yes

Website inactivity policy: 12 months


A server is necessary to operate a web site on the internet. If you want to start a web site, you may need web hosting companies unless you run your own web server. Web hosting services are generally divided into paid and free plans. For example, at Runhosting, 3 website hosting plans are offered and 2 of them are paid plans.

Both paid and free plans have advantages and disadvantages. The major advantage of the free plan is affordability. It doesn’t charge any fee. However, it may not give you the full control, versatility and customer support you need. For instance, the Runhosting’s free plan comes with 250 MB disk space and 5 GB monthly bandwidth, whereas their paid hosting plans features unlimited disk space and bandwidth. Also, they have rules about how to use the disk space. For instance, they don’t allow free plan subscribers to use more than 10% of their web space for hosting multimedia files. Other rules can be found in their terms of service. Free subscribers cannot use the 24/7 customer support or integrated ticket system to reach their technical support, since these convenient support features are only for paying customers. However, this kind of arrangement is not unique to, and it is quite common among many other free webhosting sites.

Overall the Runhosting free website hosting plan has many useful features. For example, it has the FTP access, which allows you to manage files on your site easily and quickly. It supports MySQL database and several commonly-used scripts such as PHP, Perl and CGI. Scripting support (PHP/Perl/CGI) and mySQL database support are frequently essential for building advanced sites. For example, WordPress is a widely used blogging platform which requires PHP scripting and MySQL database support to run. So please keep in mind that scripting and database support, together with web site development tools, are also critical factors in selecting a web hosting service. This free hosting plan is ad-free, which means they, unlike many other free site hosting sites, will not show their advertising banners on their free customers’ sites.

In conclusion, the free website hosting plan at might be suitable for people what are looking for free web hosting services with no-ads, FTP, MySQL, PHP, Perl and CGI support.

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It is wise to read reviews written by their customers to learn more information about their server’s performance and their customer support before making up your mind.

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