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Knowledge Sutra is an online forum where internet users can find an opportunity to host their website for free. is not a typical free web hosting service provider. Instead, it is a post-to-host web hosting provider. What this means is that in order to get access to the free service, registered users have to publish posts on their forums. If you are a webmaster who is knowledgeable and would like to share tips and tricks by participating in online debates, this might be an opportunity for you to save money on web hosting services. Below you will find how post-to-host web hosting works on KnowledgeSutra.

Knowledge Sutra is an online service brought to you by Xisto Corporation, the same company behind another post-to-host website, Qupis. To learn more information about this company, you can visit their corporation website at

How can you get free website hosting at

1. Sign up for an account at their forum by providing your email, creating a username and picking a password. As you may know, their free web solutions are only available to members of their community. Fortunately, it costs nothing to be a member of their community.

2. Create another account at, their Shopping Area. Make sure you are using the exact same email for creating the two accounts in step 1 and step 2.

3. Publish good forum posts at knowledgesutra and earn reward points known as “myCENTs”. The more good posts you publish, the more “myCENTs” you will earn. Whenever you get 100 “myCENTs”, they will be converted to $1 US dollar and deposited in your account in the Shopping Area (See step 2). When you have enough credits in your account, you can use it to buy service plans offered at Currently, the cheapest hosting plan on the site is the Logic Plan, which is a Linux hosting service plan with a $1.95 monthly fee. The features of the Logic Plan are summarized below. Please be aware that when writing and publishing forum posts, you should carefully follow their guidelines, otherwise you may risk losing your rewards or even your account. For instance, they only allow posts with more than 150 characters or 25 words and they are must be in decent English.

knowledgesutra.comThe key web hosting features of the Logic Plan offered at
Web space: 1 GB
Monthly Bandwidth: 10 GB
Fantastico: available
FTP: yes, 5 accounts
Add-on domains: 5
Parked domains: 5
Sub-domains: 5
Scripts: PHP, CGI, Perl, SSI, Python, GD, Ruby on Rails
Email: 10 accounts, POP3, SMTP, IMAP
MySQL: 5 databases
PostGRE SQL: 5
Misc. Features: phpMyAdmin, Frontpage extensions, SSH

Above we have only listed the features of the cheapest plan offered by them. Actually you can use your “myCents” earnings to buy any plan offered To learn the features of those web hosting plans, please visit their site for details.

In conclusion, (also known as Trap17) is a website where you can find a post-to-host web hosting service. The way it works is simple. You publish high quality forum posts, earn rewards points and redeem your rewards for free website hosting.

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One good way to find answers regarding their services is to contact them direct or read reviews on the web.

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