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by Joe is a social networking website where registered members can connect with their friends on the web and create their own free websites for sharing their thoughts and photographs with the world. This website has been online since 2004, and it is currently owned by Pos Media Group, according to Wikipedia.

Piczo is a free blogging community specifically designed for kids. Unlike many other blogging services, Piczo accepts members of all ages. They accept people older than 13 years old as well as those under 13. No matter how old are you, you can join this community for free and create your own website for free. If you are older than 13, there is no special requirement for you to register and activate your Piczo account. However, if you are under 13, you are required to undergo a special procedure to activate your account. In short, you need your parent’s or guardian’s approval to use this site. Here is how it works. When you sign up, you need also provide your parent’s email address so that they can send an email to your parent to ask his/her permission for your registration. If your parent allows you to use the site, he/she should click on the link inside the email and then they will get the permission to active your account.

After becoming an active member of Pizco online community, you can start enjoying the services they provide. For example, you can create a free blog by using the web-based drag-and-drop webpage editor. Don’t worry. You don’t need to know any programming knowledge to use it. Just go ahead and give it a try. It will probably only take you less than an hour to master it. You can also use the built-in social networking feature to connect with your friends or make new friends with other Piczo members online.

As mentioned earlier, Piczo is a specialized free blogging service since its targeted users are teens. When providing a service for kids, the provider needs to add special features to protect them. For instance, at Piczo, there is a feature allowing parents to supervise their kids’ online activities. By using this feature, the parent can know what the kid posted online and who the kid’s friends are. This is an important feature that will protect kids from exposure to inappropriate web content and connecting with inappropriate people.

Many people may wonder how Piczo can offer the blogging service for free. One reason is that their free blogging service is advertising-supported. This means that they will put some ads on free Piczo websites built by their members. By doing this, they can make some money which can be used to pay the bill.

One last thing I want to mention here is that they have an account inactivity policy, which can be found in their terms of service. According to the policy, you have to sign in and visit your site at least once per 120 days in order to keep your account active. Without enough account/website activities, you may lose your site.

The bottom line is that if you are looking for a website where you can create a free website for kids, you may want to pay a visit to, a free online blogging community for teens.

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update: Piczo has been closed down.

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