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by Joe is a company providing web hosting and domain registration services. Now they are offering a free web hosting plan for people who purchase any domain name at the site. So if you want to enjoy their free hosting service, you have to pay some money to buy a domain name from them.

Below are some of the key features of the Netfirms free web hosting plan.
Disk storage capacity: 5 MB
Bandwidth per month: 1 GB
Email account: 1
FTP access: yes
FrontPage support: yes
Perl: yes
Customer support: email
Forced ads: yes
Domain purchase: required

A domain name and a hosting server are two essential things required to make a website. In most cases, you have to pay money to purchase a domain name from a domain registrar and to subscribe to a webhosting plan from a hosting provider (unless you run your own server).

netfirms.comA question is, “Is it possible to get a free website hosting plan?” The answer is, “Absolutely!” There are many companies offering website hosting services at zero dollar. Most of the time, these services come with certain conditions and restrictions. For example, you may have to purchase a domain name from the same provider in order to use its free webhosting service. The Netfirms free webhosting is a service which works this way. Unlike many other free webhosting services, the Netfirms free hosting plan requires subscribers to purchase domain names from them. It means that only people who have registered any domain name at can enjoy the free service. So it is not absolutely free, since you still need to take some money out of your pocket to pay for the domain registration. But if you need a new domain anyway and would like to try Netfirms website hosting services, this plan might be a good offer for you.

The free Netfirms web hosting package gives you 5 MB website storage space and 1 GB monthly bandwidth. The website storage space is the disk space you get on their web server to store your site’s files. The amount of website storage space your site needs is determined by the number of files and the size of files on your website. The more files are on your site and the larger the size of individual files, the more disk space they will take on the web server. Generally speaking, 5 MB web space is relatively small comparing to other free website hosting plans. But it may be enough for you to make a small site containing several simple HTML pages. Bandwidth is another important feature to consider when choosing webhosting packages. Usually people prefer bigger monthly bandwidth because it will allow more data transfer from their site by the site’s visitors. To decide whether 1 GB monthly bandwidth is enough for your website, you can do some simple math. You need to estimate how many visitors will come to your site and how much data they will transfer on average. It is hard to be very accurate, but at least you will know whether it is at the MB level or GB level.

In conclusion, for people who want to get a free web hosting with domain registration, may be an interesting site to visit.

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