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by Joe

Have you ever thought about publishing blog posts or replying to comments on your smartphone? If so, what you need is a mobile blog. is a website where you can create a free blog optimized for mobile devices. In order to serve bloggers from different parts of the world, MyWAPBlog offers two versions, an English version and an Indonesian version. You can make your own choice according to your language preference.

What can MyWAPBlog do for you?
There are at least 3 things that you can do by using their services.
Firstly, as mentioned above, you can make a free mobile blog by using their blogging service. The blog you get will be optimized not only for desktop or laptop users, but also for mobile device users. As you may already know, web users are increasingly accessing the internet using mobile devices. Compared to desktop and laptops, mobile devices come with much smaller screens which make it difficult for them to handle regular websites. That is one of the reasons why a mobile blog is needed to cater to mobile users.

Key features of the free blogging service offered at user friendly
Unlimited space
Unlimited bandwidth
No limit on uploading file size
Support multiple file formats
Support multiple languages
A variety of themes
Free subdomain name: (other available domains:,,,, and


Secondly, you can share your ideas, photos and videos through your free blog. For instance, you can take photos with your smartphone and upload your photos directly onto your blog and share them with your friends and families. It sounds complicated but actually it is easier than you think. If you can browse the web, you can use their service to blog online.

Thirdly, MyWAPBlog is not only a blogging platform but also an online community where you can meet other bloggers. You can browse their blog catalog to find interesting blogs that you can follow. You can meet people in the chat room. Or you can share your knowledge on their forums. By these activities, you can make new friends and have a new social life on the web.

How to create a free blog at

1. Register for an account. It is free and no membership fee is charged. But they do provide premium features for paying users. If you need them, you can check them out later. But for basic features, a free account is good enough. During the account creation process, you need to give them your email address and choose a password and a username. The username will be used as your blog’s subdomain name as well. You can choose on which domain name your blog will be created on. Before signing up, make sure that you have read their terms of service carefully because there are certain types of web content which are not allowed while using their service.

2. Login to your account and add new content to your blog. You can publish new posts and upload multimedia files. screenshot



1. You can use your own domain name on your blog. To do that, you can either get a free domain name or buy one at domain registrars such as Namecheap, Godaddy, 1&1 and so on.

2. They allow you to make money from your blog. They will display 50% ads from your account. That is, for every 100 pageviews, 50 pages will be served with your ads, and 50 pages with their ads. In order to get paid, you must be a publisher of the ad networks they allow, such as Google Adsense, MobGold and so on. To insert your publisher ID, go to “Appearance” and click on “ads”.

In conclusion, is a free blogging service provider where users can make their own blogs at no cost and make money online.

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