Use a Free Website Builder to Create Free Websites

by Joe is a web site providing hosted web design software on the web. It is an online service offered by a British company. Since the company was founded in 1999, its DIY website builder has been widely used to make websites, create blogs and build online shops. To help people host their website built with the Moonfruit software, they also include web hosting in their service packages. There are 5 packages that users can choose from. The basic one is free to use, and the other 4 packages are for paying customers.

Main features of the Moonfruit free hosting service:
Web space: 20 MB
Number of website: 1
Number of web pages: 15
Forced ads: no
Customer support: no
Type of website: personal, e-commerce

People build websites for different purpose. Some people set up blogs to express themselves online, some create websites to share information and others make online shops to sell stuffs and make money. No matter what kind of websites you are going to create, you may go through any steps such as content generation, website design and the like. To make people’s life simple, many companies offer pre-installed website design software, also known as website builders. Moonfruit is one of them.

As a DIY (do-it-yourself) website builder, Moonfruit can be used to create blogs, e-commerce sites and other websites even by people who don’t know any HTML or CSS coding at all. The purpose of this type of website builders is to free people from technical aspects of site building and let them focus on content creation instead.

moonfruit.comMoonfuit is very powerful and versatile. The websites built with it are not only optimized for regular web browsers but also for mobile browsers. If you are planning to create a web site by yourself, you may be happy to know all the wonderful features of Moonfruit and want to give it a try. Fortunately, they offer a free package for new users to experience their web design software free of charge. When creating a free Moonfruit sitemaker site, you can use up to 20 MB website storage space on their server. 20 MB is not a big number when it comes to web space, but it should be enough for you to build a small website with fewer than 15 pages, especially when you just try to test their products and services. One advantage of creating a free site on Moonfruit is that they will not put advertising banners on your site. Instead, they just need a backlink to their site and show a small Moonfruit badge on your site.

Customer support is a very important feature to consider when you shop for web hosting services. Sadly, the free Moonfruit service has no customer support. If you have any difficulties or problems, you can only try to find answers in their online FAQ database and/or form. Their email ticketing support system is only available to paying subscribers. They don’t have phone support, even though there is a phone number for the Moonfruit Company listed on the “about us” page.

The bottom line is that is one of free website building and hosting sites, which internet users can find on the web. If you want to use a free website builder to create free websites, you may check it out.

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