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A weblog is a popular way for people to express themselves on the internet. Do you have your own blog? If you don’t, you may want to create one for yourself. As a novice blogger, you may want to start with a free blog. There are many online websites offering free blogging services. Livejournal, for example,  is one of them. Livejournal, owned by LiveJournal Inc., a US company based in San Francisco, is a social network community and it also provides blogging services.

Livejournal caters both free and paying customers. Whether you need to pay to use their services depends on what type of accounts you want. In total, there are 5 types of account available on their site. They are the Basic, Early Adopter, Plus, Paid and Permanent accounts. Among them, both the Basic and the Plus accounts are for non-paying users. Comparing these two, we find that their core features are same but the Plus accounts have additional features. For instance, a user with a Plus account can have up to 15 userpics, whereas a user with a Basic account can only have up to 6 userpics. Because both of them don’t require monthly fees, you may want to choose the Plus account type if you do not mind viewing some advertisements on your blog. But the decision is yours and you can make your choice based on your screen shot

How to create a free weblog on LiveJournal?

1. Sign up for a new account if you don’t have one yet. Go to their homepage and then go to the account creation page by clicking on the link “Create an account” seen at the top left corner of the page. If you simply want to participate in LiveJournal social activities, you can login with your social accounts such as Facebook, OpenID, Twitter and so on.

2. Finish the registration form. In this step, you need to fill out the form with your username, email, password and birthday. Then tell them whether you are male or female. Answer the captcha, read their terms of service and privacy policy and click on the “create account” button. Your username will be used as the sub-domain name of your new blog. So you have to choose it carefully. Once it has been set, you cannot change it unless you pay for the renaming service. After registration, they will send you an email. You need to click on a link inside the email to validate your account and complete your registration.

3. Start to use their services. For instance, you can change your blog’s design, publish a new post, search for your friend, finish your profile and so on. To publish a post onto your blog, you move your mouse over the “Journal” button and then choose “post an entry”. Then you can start to create your new entry with the provided online text editor. You can define whether the entry will be posted: to your blog or to the community. You can schedule your post to be published at a later date. You can also change your post’s privacy settings. If you don’t want other people see your post, you can set it to private. Once you have finished composing your entry, don’t forget to hit the “post” button.

In conclusion, provides an opportunity for people to have their own blogs at zero cost.

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