Get Linux-Based Free Web Hosting with PHP & MySQL

by Joe offers a linux-based free web hosting plan which has PHP and MySQL database support. On this site, visitors can also find two other paid shared web hosting plans at affordable prices.

Here we will only talk about their free plan, because our mission is to help people find a hosting plan to make a website for free. However, if you are specifically looking for a paid plan with advanced features, feel free to check their paid plans as well.

How much web storage space is offered by the Summerhost’s free plan?
This plan provides 1000 MB disk space. It is vital that you think about disk space when choosing a website hosting package. You have to select the level of storage space you’ll need according to the overall size of your site. If you’ve got a big web site, you will need bigger disk space as compared to when you have a small web site. So the ideal internet hosting service is the one that suits you. If you don’t want to build a huge site, 1000 MB web space might be sufficient for you.

How much monthly bandwidth is available?
At summerhost, you’ll get 25 GB of monthly data transfer on their free web hosting plan. To know whether this amount of bandwidth usage is enough, you should estimate how popular your site will be. Generally speaking, a large number of visitors or data transfers will need a high bandwidth. If your site is going to have tons of visitors, don’t get a plan with low bandwidth. Otherwise, your web site could possibly be inactivated when you exceed the volume of bandwidth allocated. And people to your web site will probably be aggravated once they know that your web site is not accessible as it has been inactivated.

Do they provide a free domain name?
When signing up, you can get a free sub-domain name on You can give it a name and your site’s URL will be something like

Is it an advertisement-sponsored web hosting service?
Yes, they do force ads on users’ sites. However, they do provide an option for users to remove ads on their sites. To remove ads, you don’t need to pay money. What you need to do is just to follow their instructions and get several things done. To learn more information, see their site for details.

Will we obtain PHP as well as MySQL with this particular plan?
It seems that it support PHP5, MySQL, Perl, CGI and Ruby. Zend and Curl are also enabled.

summerhost.infoKey features of the free website hosting plan provided on
Disk space: 1000 MB
Bandwidth per month: 25 GB
File manager: yes
Tech support: available
Free sub-domain name: yes (example:
Forced ads: yes

In conclusion, presents a free web hosting plan featured with PHP5 and MySQL to internet users. If you plan to make a free site based on these technologies, you may want to learn more about this offer.

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