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by Joe is an online place where you can find free website designing tools. This site is built for designers as well as ordinary internet users. The tools and services provided on this site are from IM inc., a US-based company.

The mission of this company is to help ordinary internet users design beautiful websites and to help professional designers get their job done more easily. Many people are in need of well-designed websites, but not all of them can create one. Why can’t they get the websites they dream of? There are many reasons for this. Many people think that creating a website, particularly a high-quality web site, is not a simple task. That it may involve many of technical issues. Many people may feel frustrated when they go through the complicated process of building a web site. Sometimes their frustrations may be build up as the project goes on, and at certain point, they will quit because they can’t take it anymore. Without finishing their website building project, they are not able to set up their own fully functional and professional looking site on the web. But one thing they may not realize is that a well-designed website building tool can make their life much easier. Imcreator is a site which provides this kind of tool online.

Imcreator provides both free and paid services. New users do get opportunity to use their website building tools for free, and create and design their web sites for free.

imcreator_comIt is as easy as 1-2-3 to design a free website on Imcreator. First, you need to pick a design for your free site. They provide a wide range of templates for you to pick from. Since they have done most of the work, you can save a lot of time and effort on this part of website design. Second, you have to customize the content of your site. You can type in text messages, insert photos, upload videos and add many other website elements you like. If you can’t figure out how to use some of the features, you can refer to the user’s manual or contact their customer support. Third, you can use the provided URL to publish your site online for free and your site will be hosted on Amazon servers. The free URL you will get should look like In addition, you also have the option to use your own domain name on your site. However, this custom domain feature is a paid service, which means you have to pay the subscription fee in order to access this advanced feature. If you don’t have your own domain name yet, you can buy one on Imcreator or from other popular domain registrar like NameCheap.

The bottom-line is if you want to know how to design a website for free, you may find the website design tools offered at useful.

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