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by Joe is a website where people can use create their own website for free. The services offered at Hpage are brought to you by ASNetworks GmbH, a German company. The following are some features you will get when using the free web creating service at this web site.

Disk space: 300 MB
Free sub-domain name: yes, (
Free templates: over 300
Free site editor: yes
Customer support: online help
Server location: Germany
Daily back-up: yes
Forced ads: no

Have you ever thought of having your own website on the internet? If that is the case, you will be glad to know that you can have your own site for zero cost at Hpage. Their service is completely free to use, and there are no any hidden fees.

hpage.comCreating your website on Hpage is easy. First, you need to register an account. After the account activation, you can go into your account to start making your first site. You can choose a design for your site from a gallery of more than 350 pre-designed templates. Then, you add pages and web content to your site by using the online editor. Once it’s done, you can launch your site. So you see that it only takes less than 2 minutes to build a simple site at Hpage. Of course, if you want to build a content-rich site or a site with more functions, you may need to spend a little more time on your project. It may be time-consuming, but it should not be difficult because they also provide many of pre-built gadgets for you to choose from. They call these gadgets “extras”. For example, if you like, you can add a contact form to your site so that your audience can easily reach you, a guestbook for your visitors to leave messages, or a forum to hold discussions online.

With a website on Hpage, you may share your thoughts online by writing and publishing articles. Of course, if you want to make your site more exciting, you can add multimedia files to your website such as photos, audios, and videos, as long as your files’ size do not exceed 300 MB, the maximum storage capacity. They even allow you to upload files for your visitors to download. This download feature is rarely seen among many other free website hosting sites, so it should be considered as a pro for this site.

Another upside of the hpage free web hosting service is that they don’t show their ads on your site that is hosted on their server. It is quite common to see free website hosting sites add their own or a third-party’s advertisements on their customers’ sites. So if you want to make a free website but don’t want to see any ad banners on it, you may like this hosting service offered by Hpage.

Have you decided to use the free service on Hpage? If you have not made up your mind yet, it doesn’t matter. To help you test their free service, they allow you to sign in using a demo account to try things out before you register your own account. It is quite convenient to preview their offers. But be aware that some features may be disabled in the demo account.

In conclusion, if you want to make your own free websites quickly, you may like the free website creation and hosting service at For people who need a make free websites with the file download feature, this site may also be useful.

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Before making a final decision, you may want to learn what its members say about its service by visiting the hpage forum or reading reviews online.

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