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by Joe is a website offering free web hosting and free cloud VPS hosting services. These services are provided by Digital Energy Technologies Ltd.,a UK-based company founded in 2009.

The main features of the free web hosting service on are listed below:
Web storage space: 2 GB
Bandwidth: 10 GB per month
Number of domains: 5
Number of sub-domains: 5
MySQL databases: 2
PHP support: yes
Customer support: community forum support
Forced ads: no

As a free plan user at Host1Free, you will get up to 2 GB disk space on its server, which is located in Germany. This offer is relatively good compared to other free website hosting services in the market. But it is not the best, since some providers offer unlimited disk space in their free plans. 2 GB may not be enough for a huge e-commerce or business website, but it should be sufficient for most personal websites/blogs or small business websites.

This Host1free’s plan offers up to 10 GB monthly bandwidth. Is it enough for your site? Bandwidth is related to your site’s web traffic. If you are planning to run a traffic-heavy site, you need a webhosting plan with bigger bandwidth. For a small site with light web-traffic, 10 GB might be enough for your monthly data transfer.

host1free.comHost1free also offers free domain hosting. By taking advantage of this plan, you can host up to 5 domains and 5 sub-domains. If you plan to list your domains and sell them online, you may like this free domain hosting feature.

This Host1free’s webhosting plan supports PHP and MySQL database. This may be welcomed by people who are going to make a site with dynamic web-pages. They allow you to have 2 MySQL databases, which is not many compared to some other free website hosting plans.

Another good feature that you may like about the free site hosting package on is that they don’t show forced ads on their clients’ websites. It is quite common for free website hosting providers to serve their own ads on their subscribers’ sites so that they can promote their products and services and make some money to cover the bill.

At Host1free, free subscribers will get community support but not phone support, which is usually considered the best type of customer support. If you are shopping for paid web hosting plans, you want one with phone support. If you want a web hosting plan at no cost, most of time you can only get one with online support or email ticketing support. Thus, if you really care about the quality of customer support, you should go with a paid plan.

In conclusion, people who want a free web hosting plan with PHP, MySQL support and no ads, should check out the host1free site.

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Before signing up for the free hosting plan, you may want to do some research on your own such as reading reviews or checking its server’s up stat.

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