How to Host a Website on Google App Engine for Free

by Joe

Google App Engine is a free service offered by Google. This service is meant for developers to host web apps. But you can also use it to host your websites for free. Basically one website is considered as 1 app. And 10 apps are equal to 10 websites. Although you are allowed to host your personal websites or business websites on the Google App Engine, this service may not be suitable for building large sites since it only offers 1 GB free web space and 1 GB daily bandwidth. If you feel these hosting features are good enough for your needs, you may keep on reading to see how to create a free website with this free service.

appengine_google_comHow to host a website on Google App Engine for Free
1. Sign up for an account at, the official webpage for Google App Engine service. If you have had a Gmail account already, you can use it to log in since Gmail is also provided by Google. As a first time users of this service, you may need to verify your account by following the instructions in the SMS sent to your cell phone. So before accessing this service, you need to have your mobile phone number ready.

2. Create a subdomain name on as your site’s URL and give your site a name. On the application page, you will need to enter a subdomain name into the box under “Application Identifier” and a site name into the box under “Application Title”. You also need to check whether your subdomain name is still available. If it is has already been taken, you need try another one until you find an available one. Although it is free to use a sub-domain name, if you want to build your own brand, you have the option of using your own domain name.

3. Create your website.

1) You need to download “Google App Engine SDK for Python”.
There are 3 versions supporting Windows, Mac OS X, Linux platforms respectively. Choose the one suitable for the platform used on your computer.
You also need to download Python from its official website.

2) Install these 2 pieces of software on your computer.

3) Run Google App Engine Launcher on your computer and start to create a new application by going to ->File->Create New Application (or Ctrl+N). Enter the application name (your sub-domain name) and choose a directory on your computer. By doing this, you have creates a folder with the application name at the location you selected. Then put all the documents required for building your website into this location.

4) Configure the app.yaml file and the file. To do this, you need a text editor such as Notepad or Notepad++.

5) Upload and publish your website when you get everything ready. In the Google App Engine Launcher, highlight the application you want to upload and hit the “Deploy” button. If you do everything in the right way, you should see your site at the sub-domain you choose instantly.

When creating a free website with Google App Engine, you may need to know HTML and Python languages. Fortunately, for beginners, Google provides a basic guide online to help them get started. If you are serious about creating websites or web applications using this service, you may want to read Programming Google App Engine for sure.

Google App Engine provides a great opportunity for people to host a free personal or business website.

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