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by Joe is a website where internet surfers can find a free web hosting service. The site also offers another 3 paid premium hosting plans, but its basic plan is cost-free. These services are provided by HispaVista S.L., a company operated out of Spain. As you will see, this site is in Spanish. If you don’t speak Spanish, this free webhosting site may be not for you, since its control panel is also in Spanish.

Below are the main features of the free website hosting plan offered at
Disk space: 15 MB
Bandwidth per month: 2.5 GB
Free site URL: yes (example: and
Forced ads: yes
FTP access: no
Customer service: online help

The Galeon free website hosting plan comes with basic features. It will give you 15 MB disk space on its server to store the files of your site. This amount of disk space is in the lower range among all the free webhosting services available in the market. Even so, it doesn’t mean that it is not large enough for your needs. It’s probably not large enough for you to create a media-heavy website. But 15 MB disk space should be large enough for hosting the files of a small website comprising of several simple HTML pages.

This free hosting plan gives you 2.5 GB monthly bandwidth. 2.5 GB is roughly 2500 MB, which is approximately 167 times of 15 MB. 2.5 GB bandwidth may not be as good as unlimited bandwidth, which has been offered by some other free site hosting services, but for a website with the size smaller than 15 MB, it is probably big enough.

galeon.hispavista.comWhen creating a website with this Galeon hosting plan, you can also get a free URL address for your site, which is either a subdomain like or a subpage URL like

At this website, if you host your website with their free plan, you can’t use FTP to manage the files on your site since FTP access is not included in the features of their hosting plan. Instead, you can create your site and upload files using the provided simple site builder in your web browser. For people who are not familiar with FTP, they may prefer to manage their files through web browser. Another feature that many people may like with this site builder is that it allows users to edit the HTML codes of the web page they work on. This HTML editing feature gives users more control over their websites.

Like many other free site hosting services, the Galeon’s plan is also supported by advertising, meaning if you host your site with their plan, they will show their ads or third-party ads on your site. As a free subscriber, you are not allowed to remove these forced ads from your website. The only way to remove these ads is to host your site with their paid hosting plans. Once becoming a paying subscriber, you will enjoy more benefits and better customer support.

In conclusion, provides a free website hosting service for Spanish-speakers who would like to create and host their websites for free. This hosting service comes with many basic features, and it doesn’t support FTP access and is advertising-supported.

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