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by Joe is a website offering an advertising-supported free website hosting service. This site has been serving webmasters from across the globe since 2005, and it has servers both in Europe and in U.S.A..

First, let us take a look of the general features of the free website hosting plan on (also known as

Web storage space:  1.5 GB
 File size for uploading:  12 MB
 Bandwidth:   unlimited
 Forced ads:  no, for low traffic websites;yes, for high traffic websites
 PHP support:  yes
 MySQL database:   yes
 phpMyAdmin:  yes
 Number of accounts:  unlimited
 FTP access:  yes
 Email accounts:  yes (POP3/IMAP)
 Free sub-domain names:  yes (in arrange of domains,,,,, and
 Your own custom domain:  allowed
 Customer support:  email
 Minimum account activity required:  1 hit/30 days

What are the pros and cons of the freewebhostingarea free hosting plan?
This free hosting plan offers up to 1.5 GB web storage space per account. This is not the largest disk space offered in a free hosting plan, but it is not the smallest either. When you host your site on their servers, you may notice that the storage capacity you get is smaller than 1.5 GB. That is because the space your site gets on their server depends on how much web traffic your site gets. Make sure you have configured it correctly in the control panel.

freewebhostingarea.comFreeWebHostingArea offers unlimited (not metered) bandwidth in its free plan. This is definitely a thumbs-up for the service. With this generous feature, you do not need to worry that your free-hosted site will be suspended due to the bandwidth overuse.

FreeWebHostingArea has severs both in Europe and in USA. So you can choose where you want your website to be hosted according to the location of your targeted audience. If you are targeting the USA market, you may want to host your website on a server located in USA. That may help with your site’s search engine optimization (SEO).

This website hosting plan also supports latest PHP and MySQL database. Since you are allowed to have unlimited accounts on their website, you theoretically can have unlimited MySQL databases. Another feature you may like about their service is that they provide phpMyAdmin which you can use to manage your databases easily. If you plan to make a free forum or weblog, you may find the One Click Autoinstaller is handy for installing scripts such as WordPress, Joomla, Drupal, Mambo, phpBB3 and SMF.

As you may already know, many free hosting services are ads-supported. Whether your free-hosted website on a FreeWebHostingArea’s server has forced ads or not depends on the popularity of your website. If your site has no or low web traffic, they will not show any ads on your site. However, if you have a very popular website having heavy web traffic, they will show their ads on your site. You are forbidden to remove these ads when using their free service. However, you can pay a fee to get the forced ads removed from your website.

Another fact you may not like this free service is that it requires you to keep certain amount of account/website activities in order to keep your account/website from being deleted. How much activity is required depends on how many much resources your site takes. The detailed rules are available in their terms of service.

The bottom line is that if you need a free domain hosting service or a free website hosting service to create a WordPress or Joomla website, you may want to consider the free plan offered at

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One way to learn how good their plans and support are is to read reviews, particularly those written by consumers.


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