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At, you’ll find five web hosting plans including one free website hosting plan and 4 paid plans. These website hosting plans have different features and prices. You can choose one according to your needs. The services offered at Freeservers are provided by United Online Website Services, Inc., which is owned by United Online Inc, a publicly traded company. United Online, Inc. has it’s headquarter in Woodland Hills, CA, USA.

The following are some features offered by the free webhosting plan on
Disk storage space: 50 MB
Bandwidth per month: 1 GB
Email accounts: 3
File-size for uploading: up to 250 KB
Forced ads: yes
FTP access: no
Scripting: no PHP, Perl, CGI, MySQL support
Customer support: online FAQ and help

If you want to have a presence on the web, you definitely need a web server to host your internet site. You can operate your own server or get a hosting plan from web hosting companies. Web hosting plans can be divided into paid and free services. For example, at, they offer 5 plans in total and one of them is cost-free. If you are new to this site and want to test their services, you may want to start with the FreeServers free website hosting plan since you can always upgrade later to their paid plans including starter, personal, professional and business hosting plans, if you are satisfied with their service.

Compared to their paid website hosting plans, the FreeServers free plan only has very basic features. For example, it gives you 50 MB disk space and 1 GB monthly bandwidth. The storage space and bandwidth are the key attributes of a web hosting plan. Usually, how much disk space you need depends on the size of your website. If you plan to make a huge website full of audio, video, high resolution images or other multi-media files, 50 MB storage space may not be enough and you may need more disk space. However, if you just want to make a small personal site with some text and/or low resolution images, 50 MB may be good enough for your needs. And also they have a policy to limit the file size that you upload to your site. According to the policy, you are only allowed to upload files smaller than 250 KB to their server.

freeservers.comWhen picking a free web hosting service plan, you also have to think about whether the host provides any web site building tools, or the capability to run scripting languages or databases. The Freeservers free plan comes with a free website builder that you can use to create your site. Once your site has been created, you can publish it online directly in your web browser. Since this free web host doesn’t support FTP access, you can’t upload or delete your files on your site through FTP. This free website hosting service doesn’t support PHP, Perl, MySQL or CGI, which may not be convenient for you to build a dynamic website or to use some web applications. For example, it is impossible for you to host a WordPress (popular blogging software) site with this free site hosting plan.
The FreeServers’ free web hosting plan is advertisement-supported. So if you use this free service to host your website, you should expect to see some banner and/or popups ads on your site. If you feel these ads are annoying and want to get rid of them, you can simply upgrade to their premium plans.

The Freeservers’ free package has relatively good email features. Each free subscriber will get up to 3 email accounts. The email storage space is at the GB level. The maximum size of files attached to an email is 25 MB. And the email service comes with the spam and virus protection which allows you to use your email account with a peacefully mind.

In conclusion, if you are looking for free WordPress hosting sites or free website hosting sites with no-ads, might not be what you are looking for. But if you just need a free web hosting site with a free website builder, this site may be the one for you.

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