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by Joe is a web hosting provider based in Chicago, the United States of America. They provide not only a free webhosting trial plan, but also a premium web hosting package for their paid customers.

If you are searching for a web hosting plan free of charge, FreeHostingCloud may be the website that you are looking for.

First let us see what customers will get with the FreeHostingCloud free webhosting trial plan.

The highlights of the free web hosting service provided on are:

• You will get unlimited web space to store your website and unlimited bandwidth for your site data transfer. But the number of visitors to your site must not be more than 2000 per month, if you want to continue enjoying their free service.

• They will not serve ads on your site. So you do not need to worry that your website’s visitors will be annoyed by advertisements that are not in your control.

• You can run business or add your own ads on your website, which mean that you can make some money with your site.

• You can use your own domain names or get a free sub-domain like

• You will get unlimited number of POP3/IMAP emails. Many useful email features are included such as auto-responders, virus scanner, filters and so on.

• You can host unlimited parked domains and sub-domains using their free hosting trial plan.

• You will also get unlimited FTP accounts. This feature allows you to manage files on your site easily.

• The upload file size is limited to 30 MB. This should be enough for uploading most text and image files, but not for HD video files.

• Multiple scripts are supported such as PHP, Perl, Python and the like, which gives you more flexibility to build your website.

• Unlimited MySQL databases are included.

• More than 50 web applications are supported such as WordPress, Joomla, Drupal, ZenCart, Oscommerce and many more. If you are hunting for free wordpress hosting sites, you may be glad to learn about this feature.

• There is no limit on the number of websites you can sign up, but your site must comply with their terms of use.

• Certain types of sites are not acceptable. To find out more about the details, please see the FreeHostingCloud’s terms of service.

• To contact their customer support, you can use the online contact form to submit a support ticket or send them emails. The ticket support system may not be as good as the phone support system because it will take several days for you to get the response from them. It is slow but it is better than nothing. At the end, you may get the help you need, but you have to wait patiently.


The features of the free web hosting trial plan provided on Free Hosting Cloud are very similar to those of their premium hosting plan. One major difference is that only websites with fewer than 2000 monthly unique visitors are eligible to use the free plan without time limit. If your website has more than 2000 unique visitors per month, you may have to upgrade to their paid service.

This site serves both individuals and business owners. They provide handy tools to help your build and run blogs, forums, personal websites, business websites and ecommerce sites that you need.

In conclusion, if you want a free website hosting service with unlimited web space and with no forced ads, you may want to learn more about But before reaching your final decision, you may want to read unbiased reviews of and/or their customers’ testimonials, where you may get lots of valuable information about their server performance and their customer support. At the end you have to make your own decision and try it out by yourself. Fortunately, it is a free trial service anyway.

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You can discover more about various folks’ thoughts and opinions by studying reviews, but finally you ought to reach your own decision according to your own needs.

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