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by Joe is an online place where people can find a free web site hosting plan. First, let’s take a look of what you will get with this hosting package.

This free web host offers 20 GB disk space. Disk space is the storage capacity that a subscriber can use on their web server. Usually a large disk space is preferred. But it doesn’t mean a plan with the bigger storage space is necessarily better than one with a smaller storage space.

Basically, you want to make sure that the disk space is sufficient to contain all the files on your website.

The monthly bandwidth that comes with this hosting plan is 200 GB. This offer is not bad but it is not the best either considering that some other hosts offer unlimited bandwidth with their free plans.

This package gives its subscribers two options to set up and manage their sites including FTP access and web-based site builder.

The plan also offers 20 free email accounts. This should be considered a pro of this service, because many of other free website hosting packages do not offer email services at all. Email is essential to operate a fully functional website, particularly when it is a commercial website.
The plan provides a free sub-domain name for your new site’s URL. When signing up, you can name your sub-domain and it will be on

The Cixx6 free web hosting package supports PHP and MySQL database. And each plan subscriber will get up to 5 databases. With these hosting features, you can use this free service to create websites built with WordPress, Joomla and many other applications.

The plan is limited to 1 person per account. The signup process is simple and easy. What you need to do is just to fill out the account registration form with your email, name, password and the CAPTCHA code. To activate your account, you need to check your email box and click the activation link they send you. Then you can log into your account and start to work on your new website creation project.


The key features of the free site hosting package offered at are:
Storage capacity: 20 GB
Bandwidth: 200 GB per month
Number of FTP accounts: 5
Number of Databases: 5
Free subdomain: yes, (example:
Number of email accounts: 20
Domain Hosting/DNS services: unlimited
PHP: yes
MySQL database: yes
Site builder: yes
Apache 2.2.12: yes
SSH Access: yes
phpMyAdmin: yes
Webmail: yes
Auto-installer scripts for WordPress, Joomla, phpBB, b2evolution and more: yes

Do you want to make a free Joomla website or get your free website hosting plan now? If so, go ahead and check this plan out.

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