Get a Free Website Hosting Plan with 500 MB Disk Space

by Joe is a web host which provides a series of web hosting services. As a way to serve buyers with different desires, they provide both free and cheap web hosting solutions. On this site, shoppers can find 4 website hosting plans which have different attributes and costs. Their service packages include “Free Hosting”, “Basic Plan”, “Pro Pack” and “IMBS PACK”. The free website hosting service is likely to be appropriate for new site owners making their very first internet sites. The fee-based site hosting packages such as “Pro Pack” is likely to be great for professionals looking to host more advanced sites.

Below we will focus on the major features of their free website hosting package, because our purpose is to assist new bloggers to get a webhosting service at no cost.

How much web storage space is provided?
This Imbahost free plan offers 500 MB web space. This is an average offer among all the free hosting plans we have ever seen.

What amount of monthly data transfer usage is available?
You will receive 10 GB monthly bandwidth.

Could we use file transfer protocol for file moving?
You will have 5 file transfer protocol (FTP) accounts.

Do they allow us to use our own domains?
They allow an individual to host unlimited number of domains and up to 5 sub-domains.

Do they provide email service?
You will get 2 email accounts with this package.

Is it an ad-sponsored plan?
They say they will not show advertisements on users’ webpages. No forced ads is always a good feature.

What script languages can they allow?
While hosting your site with this service, you can use PHP, PERL, Python, CGI and more. They also support MySQL databases and each user will get up to 5 MySQL databases.

How will we get help if we have technical difficulties?
They provide 24/7 support.
Do they allow music or video streaming?
No. They are not allowed in the Imabhost’s free plan. If you need them, you should upgrade to their paid services. All their paid packages including “Basic”, “PRO Pack” and “IMBA” have this feature.

imbahost.comKey features of the free web hosting plan offered on
Disc Space: 500 MB
Data Transfer: 10 GB per month
# of FTP accounts: 5
Email: yes, 2
Domains: unlimited
MySQL databases: 5
Web server location: Germany
Support: yes
Subdomains: 5
Scripting languages: PHP, Perl, Python, CGI,SSI
Misc.: Cron, Curl, GD
Forced ads: no

Python support is an important internet hosting feature that is lacking in many hosting services provided by free hosting companies. If you’re specifically seeking a free hosting service offering Python support, it’s possible you’ll like the free plan on Imbahost.

In conclusion, is offering a free website hosting package featured with 500 MB web space, 10 GB monthly data transfer, multiple scripts support and no ads.

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