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by Joe

Both free and paid web hosting plans that are required by site owners can be found at For people who just need a basic hosting solution for their short-term projects, they may need a free service. For people who are serious for their online business, they may want to look into their paid services. To help customers to find the perfect plan matched with their needs, they have compared their plans side-by-side.

Here we try to assist beginners get a zero cost web hosting service, therefore we are going to discuss what features can be found in their free plan only.

How much storage space can you get from the tekcities’ free hosting plan?
You’ll get 250 MB web space with this plan. This is an average offer compared to what we have seen.

What amount of data transfer will they offer?
This package offers 5 GB per month data transfer. If your site will not have very heavy web traffic, this amount of bandwidth might be sufficient. However, if for some reason, your site turns out to be extremely popular, you may need to host it using a plan with more bandwidth.

Will they allow FTP access?
You will have 1 file transfer protocol account as well as a web-based file manager for moving your files.

Are your own domains supported?
You will be able to use this web hosting service to set up 1 domain and 3 sub-domains. Webmasters who own multiple domains usually will insist on the multiple domain hosting feature. This feature could help you save time and money if you are running many domains, since you can control multiple domains within one account. However, if this is what you want, you may be disappointed to find out that they only allow you to host 1 domain with this plan. But the good news is that there are free web hosts offering multi-domain hosting services.

Do they display advertisements on users’ websites?
They do not use ad banners to support their service plan. So it is a free site hosting without ads.

Can we receive PHP and MySQL support on this plan?
Yes. You will get 1 MySQL database and up to 10 MB in size. In addition, they also allow you to use Perl, which is a very commonly seen script used on websites.

Is tech support offered?
They have very limited ticket support, similar to many other free hosts. Also they provide some online documentation to help you to find answers by yourself.

tekcities.comThe free webhosting plan of offers the following features.
Disk storage space: 250 MB
Monthly bandwidth: 5 GB
Top-level domain: 1 hosted
Sub domains: 1 hosted
Email: 1
Scripting: Per, CGI, PHP5
Customer service: limited ticket system, online
Forced ads: no
Uploading methods: FTP, file manager

In conclusion, is providing a free web hosting solution for people who need a plan featured with Perl, PHP, MySQL database support.

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