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FTP access is an important web hosting feature which is lacking in many services offered by free web hosts. If you are specifically looking for free hosting plan with FTP support, you may want to check out

Leadhoster is a web host providing a variety of service plans. Their services come with different features and prices because they try to provide solutions to meet different customers’ needs. For instance, the free Intro hosting plan might be suitable for new webmasters making their very first websites. The Enterprise Semi-Dedicated plan is designed for professionals making more sophisticated sites.

Here we try to help new webmasters and bloggers find a zero cost web hosting plan, so we will talk about what features are offered in their Intro plan.

How much disk space and bandwidth can you get?

250 MB web space and 5 GB monthly bandwidth are provided with this hosting plan. This amount of web resources is not much but it is a good point to start with. When your site gets bigger and more popular, you may need more resources. At that time, you can upgrade to a better service at this host or other web hosts.

Do they support FTP access?

1 FTP account is included. They also offer a web-based file manager for you to transfer files. Not all free web hosts offer FTP access. When this feature is offered, usually users can only get a limited number of FTP accounts, similar to what we see in this Leadhoster’s plan.

Can we use it to host our own domains?

They allow each user to host up to 1 domain and 3 sub-domains. Not all free website hosting plans have the free domain hosting feature. Sometimes users can only use sub-domain names as their sites’ URLs. Although it is zero cost, a free sub-domain name may not be the best idea in the long run. This is because a sub-domain name locks you into a particular web hosting service provider. If you want to change provider, you will lose control of the sub-domain as well.

Is it an ad-supported service?

They claim their Intro plan has no ads. There are many ways to monetize free website hosting services. Using forced ads is just one of them. Nowadays more and more web hosts don’t use it to sponsor their services. Instead, many of them may earn money from members’ upgrades.

As always, only limited customer support is provided for non-paying subscribers. That is also the case at Leadhoster. However, their paid plans come with much better support.

leadhoster.comKey features of the free website hosting plan found on
Forced ads: no
Disk space: 250 MB
Bandwidth (per month): 5 GB
Number of hosted domain: 1
Number of sub-domains: 3
Email: 1account (POP3, SMTP, no virus/spam protection)
FTP: 1 account
File manager: yes
Scripting languages and database: PHP, MySQL, Perl CGI
Website builder: no
Data Backup: no
Customer support: online documentation, Live chat

In conclusion, offers a free website hosting plan with FTP access. If you specifically need this feature, you may like it.

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