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by Joe

If you are specifically looking for a free website hosting service with FTP support, you may like the plan found at This free service is offered by AXSpace, a company providing a wide range of web hosting and domain registration services since 2005.

Because our mission is to assist new webmasters to get an inexpensive webhosting solution, we will just focus on the specifications with their free web hosting package here. Below you will find out what main features you will get in this plan and how they compare to other plans.

What amount of disk storage space are we able to get?
100 MB web space is available in this site hosting package.
This is a small storage space when compared to some other free site hosting plans in the industry. Although more storage space is definitely preferable, a large amount of web storage space is excessive for little web sites. If your web site is relatively small, storage space should not be the only standard utilized to assess a free hosting package. You should look at the number of files on your web site, as well as the total size of those data files, when thinking about the amount of web storage space you’ll need.

How much amount of monthly data transfer is available?
The free hosting plan at Web Hosting for Free provides 1000 MB of monthly data transfer. Can your web site run properly with this amount of data transfer? Calculating the amount of bandwidth you want for your web site will allow you to find the answer this question. For example, 1 GB of data transfer would be necessary if your web site receives 1000 website visitors monthly, and each site visitor averages 1 Mb of data transfer. Multiplying the quantity of visitors with the average amount of data transferred by each website visitor will provide you with an idea of the monthly data transfer needed. Given that data transfer usage differs from every month, you’ll want to add an additional buffer to the estimate to be safe.

Is FTP access available?
This package provides 5 file transfer protocol (FTP) accounts. However, it also offers a file manager for your file uploading and managing purpose.

Can we use it to host our own domains?
You can use your existing domain to sign up. But you will need to change your domain’s nameservers. If you don’t have a domain name yet, you can buy one at their site or get a subdomain name on or at no additional charge.

Will they add ads on clients’ web sites?
While hosting your site on this service, you will not see unknown advertising banners on your website. This is a good feature, isn’t it?

webhosting-for-free.comKey features of free web site hosting plan offered at
Web space: 100 MB
Monthly Data Transfer: 1000 MB
Forced advertising banner: no
FTP: yes, 5 accounts
Email: yes, 5 accounts (POP, SMTP)
File manager: yes
Microsoft Frontpage Extensions: yes
cPanel: yes
Free subdomain: yes (example:,

In addition, a crucial internet hosting feature is cPanel which is fully featured control panel and has a user friendly interface. But cPanel is not always offered in free hosting packages. When you’re specifically hunting for free cPanel hosting, you will want the plan offered by Axspace.

In conclusion, is offering a free site hosting plan featuring FTP and cPanel.

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You can find out about other people’s opinions of the service by looking through reviews. However eventually you should reach your own final decision based on your own needs.

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