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by Joe

On, there are two web hosting plans offered. One of them is free of charge; the other is SuperVIP, a paid hosting plan.

These two plans have different features and prices and are designed for customers with different needs. For example, new bloggers can create their first websites with their free hosting plan. Professionals who plan to make advanced sites might need a fee-based plan offering advanced features such as unlimited disk space, bandwidth and CGI scripts support. If you would like to use Perl, Python and Ruby on Rails, the SuperVIP plan might be a better fit for you.
However, the Hostyd’s free plan is also feature-rich. For instance, Fantastico 1 click script installer is a good webhosting feature that’s missing in many services provided by free hosting companies. When you are specifically seeking a free hosting service with auto script installer, it’s possible you’ll like the plan available on Hostyd.

In this post we attempt to help new website owners and webmasters to obtain a free of charge web hosting service, so we will examine what features are available in their free service only.
What amount of web storage space will they give?

You’re going to get 2 GB web space with this plan. Similar to many other webhosts, they only offer unlimited disk space in their paid SuperVIP package, which is a good choice for people who need more web resources to create a bigger site.

How much monthly bandwidth is provided?
100 GB monthly data transfer is included on this website hosting service. Free services don’t usually give unlimited bandwidth, and demand an upgrade to a premium service to get more data transfer allowance. This is exactly the case for Hostyd. The unlimited bandwidth is offered in their Super VIP package only. Typically, webmasters prefer plans with better bandwidth offer. Otherwise your web site’s online popularity might result in problems in case you have restricted bandwidth. Buying to a paid plan with better or unmetered bandwidth may become your only choice if your web site becomes too popular.

Is FTP access included?
This plan comes with 2 FTP accounts. If you need unlimited FTP accounts, check out their paid plan instead.

Are custom domain names allowed?
You’ll be able to set up unlimited domains but only 5 sub-domains with this package. Many free web hosting services don’t have this feature, and it’s commonly found only with premium packages. Free website hosting packages are generally limited to only hosting a single domain.
But it seems that this is not the case for Hostyd.

Will they serve ads on users’ sites?
It is a service without forced advertisements. Companies commonly support their free webhosting plans through mandatory advertisements. Banner ads or popup ads are needed to use many free web hosting packages. But when using the Hostyd’s plan, you don’t need to show ads on your site. However, if you like, you can add your own adsense ads on your site.

What scripting languages are compatible with this plan?
It supports PHP5. But it doesn’t support Perl, Python or Ruby on Rails.
Please note that certain types of websites are not allowed to be built using their service. For instance, Amazon affiliate sites are not allowed. To learn more, see their terms of service.

hostyd.comCore features of the free web hosting plan available on
Web disk space: 2 GB
Bandwidth: 100 GB per month
Domains: unlimited
Forced ads: no
Free site builder: yes
Free sub domain: yes, and more
FTP accounts: 2
File manager: yes
PHP5: yes
MySQL: yes, 2
Fantastico 1 click script installer: yes
Email: 2 (POP3, IMAP, webmail)
Misc. features: cURL, Cron jobs, SSH, .htaccess, phpMyAdmin and more

In conclusion, provides a free web hosting service with no ads. If you are hunting for a web hosting package with PHP5, MySQL and Fantastico installer, this one might be suitable for your needs.

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