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by Joe

On, visitors can find a free webhosting plan which comes with 1 GB web space, unlimited bandwidth, ASP support, FTP access and no ads. For people who are planning to create a website by employing the power of Active Server Pages (ASP) and Microsoft Access database, this service plan may be very attractive.

ASP is commonly used for website creation. However, it is not available in all the free site hosting plans. This plan supports both ASP and MS Access, which makes it very unique.

Below we will also examine what other hosting features are offered in this service. We hope this will help you to do your own research and find your own service.

Core features of the free web hosting service available on
Web space: 1 GB
Bandwidth: unlimited (per month)
ASP: yes
MS Access database: yes
Forced ads: no
File uploading methods: FTP, online file manager
Customer support: email

jabry.netHow much web storage space is available on this Jabry’s plan?
This package comes with 1 GB web space. This offer is not better than those offering unlimited storage space, but it is better than many free web hosting plans.

What amount of data transfer usage are you able to get?
Unlimited monthly bandwidth is offered in this website hosting service. While hosting your site with this plan, you can have as many visitors to your site as you want, since they have no restriction on bandwidth. This feature is particularly good for building a popular website. That is because more web traffic means more data transfer required.

Could you use FTP for file transferring?
You will have FTP access as well as an online file manager for file transferring. No all free web hosts offer both methods. But it is convenient to have both on the same plan. So this is a good aspect of this plan.

Will they add ads on customers’ websites?
It is a free hosting service without ads. It means that they will not put advertising banners or popups onto their users’ sites. Forced ads are commonly seen on free hosted sites. However, many free hosts don’t use them to sponsor their services and Jabry is one of them.

What scripts do they support?
It seems they only support ASP. If you are looking for a hosting plan with ColdFusion, .NET and PHP scripts, this plan may not be right for you.

Do they support Frontpage Extensions?
No. They only offer FTP and file manager as file uploading methods. Although Jabry doesn’t offer Frontpage Extensions on their plan, there are some other free web hosts offering this feature in their services which you may want to look into later.

ASP script support is a very important website hosting element which is missing in many of the free site hosting services. If you are exclusively interested in a site hosting package offering ASP support, you might like the service provided on

By the way, when publishing your site with their service, you will get a URL on and it may look like this:

In conclusion, provides a free web hosting service with ASP script and MS Access database support.

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