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At, visitors can find a range of web hosting solutions. They serve both free users and paying customers. If you would like to create an eCommerce website secured with SSL, you may want to see their paid service plans. If you just need to create a free website, their basic plan might be what you desire. This service is powered by Attractsoft GmbH.

Do you need a web hosting plan to set up your site? If so, what kind of plans are you looking for? Before making your decision, you should know what you need and what features are offered in a hosting plan.

The following is a list of the hosting features that you may need to pay attention to when doing your research.

For hosting a small site, particularly one without much web traffic, the webmaster doesn’t need much web storage space and data transfer allowance. The 250 MB web space and 5 GB data transfer may be good enough for hosting a new small site. But as the site grows, it may outgrow these resources. And at that time, a better web hosting plan with more web resources will be needed.

Users of this plan will get 3 free sub-domains on maximally. You can use one of them on your site or use your own custom domain. Although you are allowed to use this service to host your domain, you can only host 1. 1 is not many, but it is better than nothing. Some free web hosts don’t even allow customers to use their own domains. But this is not the best offer that we have seen, since there are some free web hosts offering unlimited domain hosting on their plans.

This service supports PHP, MySQL database and phpMyAmin. It is possible to use it to host websites created with CMS platforms including WordPress and Joomla. To make the lives of WordPress and Joomla users easier, they offer an install script for these two applications. However, they do not provide the script installers for other CMS such as Drupal, Mambo and so on, or other Blogging platforms such as b2evolution, NucleusCMS and so forth in their free hosting package. The fully functional script installer is only available to their paid customers.

The free site hosting package found on is not sponsored by ads. So you don’t need to worry about seeing ad banners or popups on your hosted site while using this service. No ads hosting should be considered as an upside of a free plan. That is because many webmasters feel that intrusive ads are annoying. But that is not the always case. Sometimes people just want a free resource to make their sites, they don’t care whether there will be forced ads shown on their sites or not. Remember you will get what you pay for.

biz.nfKey features of the free website hosting package provided at
Web Space: 250 MB
Monthly Bandwidth: 5 GB
Number of free subdomains: 3 (example: your
Site builder: no
Script installer: no
Data backups: no
Forced ads: no
Number of domain: 1
Number of sub-domain: 3
Email: 1 account (Webmail, POP3, IMAP, limited SMTP, Anti-spam/virus)
Scripting and others: PHP, CGI, Perl, GD library, MySQL, phpMyAdmin
FTP account: 1
Maximum file size: 2 MB
Site builders: WordPress and Joomla

In conclusion, provides an opportunity for people to get a free website hosting services with no forced ads. This service can be employed to create a WordPress or Joomla site.

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Although you might in the end have to make a final decision according to your own needs, there is absolutely no harm in taking into consideration the opinions of other folks by reading reviews.

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