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by Joe is a web site providing a wide range of web services. One of their services allows clients to make and host dynamic websites. The company behind this site is Webiny LTD, which is registered in England and Wales.

Webiny provides four website creation and hosting packages including “Free”, “Multiple Langauges”, “Professional” and “Multisite”. These service packages have different features and prices, and are designed to satisfy various users’ needs. For instance, if you want to host multiple domains on one account, you should see “Multisite” which is also the most expensive package. If you only want to host 1 domain but need unlimited webpages, the “Professional” plan is what you want. If you need a cheap hosting plan for building a personal website, you may want the “Multiple languages” plan. If you just want to test Webiny’s software and services, you may want to check out the free package for a test at no cost.

In this article we will focus on the features of their free site hosting plan, because our goal is to help new webmasters to obtain a low-cost website hosting package.

Key features of the free website creation and hosting package offered at
Web space: 250 MB
Number of pages: 25
Your own domain: allowed, 1
Bandwidth: 5 GB
Support: community
Language: 1
Number of newsletter subscribers: up to 500
Free themes: yes

webiny.comHow to get a free account on Webiny?
You need to sign up first by providing your name and your email address. Then you need to choose a theme for your website. After that, they will send an email to you and in the email you will find your new web address and password. The will use your full name and generate a webpage on as your new site’s URL. For example, it may look like

How much disk space are we able to get?
You will get 250 MB web storage space with this package. And you can make one website with up to 25 pages.

How much data transfer bandwidth will you have?
You can get 5 GB monthly bandwidth. In your account, there is a meter which will show you how much bandwidth and disk space you have used so far. If you need more web resources, you can upgrade to a paid package.

Do they allow you to utilize your own domain names?
You can host 1 site with this package and you are allowed to use your own domain name. After registration, you will get a free URL as your website address. If you like, you can change it to your own TLD name.

Do you need to show advertisements on your websites?
Your free Webiny site will have an attribute link at the footer.

What support do they provide?
They provide community support.

In conclusion, provides an opportunity for web users to make and host a website for free. Their free package comes with very limited features and resources. But upgrades are available, if you want to host multiple sites, have multilingual sites, more space and bandwidth and premium support.

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