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by Joe

Do you need to make a free weblog where you can have unlimited posts? Do you want to have unlimited space to host your site for free? If so, you may like, a website offering online blogging and web hosting services. What makes them unique is that users can use their services without paying a thing. This web site is presented to you by Surge Space Corp., a Company headquartered in Tokyo Japan and founded in 1996. The detailed information about this company can be found on

The services offered on this site must be welcomed by both bloggers and webmasters.

Bloggers can use their ad-sponsored free blog hosting service to create their own blogs without paying any money. Users can read and publish posts from their mobile phones while blogging with this service. It is a quite convenient feature which is not always found on all the blog hosting plans.

They also provide a variety of themes for users to customize their blog design.

Free sub-domains are provided for easy blog online publication. For instance, your blog’s URL may look like or

Although users are not allowed to have unlimited blogs on one account, they can have up to 4 regular blogs on each account.

This service is supported by advertising. They put text ads on the top, middle and bottom of a webpage. However, these ads are just text links so they may not be very intrusive or destroy your blog design. You may want to check its current users’ blogs to see how they look and then decide whether you can tolerate them.

This site also provides a free hosting package which can be used to create WordPress sites or phpBB3 forums. Unlimited webspace and uploaded files are allowed for users of this plan. Websites hosted with this service plan are allowed to serve personal and/or business purposes. So if you want to use WordPress to create an eCommerce site, this free site hosting plan may be suitable for your needs. To manage files on your website, you can use FTP client or file manager which are included.

Similar to their blogging service, this plan also has forced ads. These ad links are mandatory to use their services. So people who are looking for free webhosts with no ads may not be interested in this offer.

Below several general hosting features associated with this package have been listed. There are more restrictions listed in their terms of service which you have to read before signing up. For instance, in order to keep your account in active status, you have to have some activities at least once per 30 days. Otherwise, your account may be deleted.

buttobi.netKey features of the free webhosting package offered at
Disk space: unlimited
Number of files: unlimited
File size limit: 3 MB per file
Uploading methods: FTP, file manager
Type of site: personal, business
Scripts: PHP, MySQL, CGI,
Wordpress: yes, auto installer
phpBB3: yes
Free sub-domain:
Forced ads: yes (text ads)
Inactive period allowed: 30 days
Customer support: online FAQ

In conclusion, provides both blog and website hosting at zero cost. However, blogs or sites hosted with these services need to show forced ads.

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You can find out more about their free webhosting services by checking out reviews posted by their users.

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