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by Joe is a site that offers several website hosting plans. In total, they offer five plans including four paid plans and one free plan. The free hosting service is provided by United Online Web Services, Inc.

This is a very basic website hosting plan. It comes with 50 MB disk space and 1GB monthly bandwidth. It is quite obvious that with these hosting capacities, one can only create a small website with light web traffic. However, they do offer 4 affordable website hosting plans which come with better features and more benefits.

This service has a file size limitation. When using it to build a site, you are only allowed to upload files with sizes smaller than 250 KB. This means if you plan to have a site hosting larger files, the free website hosting plan is not suitable for you.

The key features of the free website hosting package available at are:
Storage space: 50 MB
Maximum file size: 250 KB
Bandwidth per month: 1 GB
Number of email accounts: 3
Forced ads: yes
FTP access: no
Wordpress blog hosting: no
Free subdomain name: yes (example:
Other scripts: no PHP, no Perl, no MySQL
Free site builder: yes
Customer support: FAQ, online help, no phone support

freewebspace_comFTP is also not available. So when using this web hosting service to setup your site, you can only use the web browser and file manager to upload your files onto the server, but not FTP. This might be considered as a con of the free offer.

The plan is also sponsored by advertising. They may show ad banners or popups on their customers’ free hosted websites. If you are not bothered by these ads, you can go ahead to subscribe to this service. However, if you want an ad-free website hosting service, you should probably should look elsewhere, or look into their paid hosting plans.

You can’t use this webhosting plan to build a WordPress blog or website since it doesn’t support PHP or MySQL databases. In addition, it doesn’t support Perl either.

The plan offers a free website builder which might be welcomed by new site developers. If you are hunting for a free website hosting package with a site builder, this package might be what you want.

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Reading reviews may help you figure out how reliable their web server is and how good their support is.

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