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by Joe is an online provider for domain registration/transfer and web hosting services. They service both individual customers and small business owners. Gotonames is operated by Host Reseller Group LLC. a US-based company. This company was established in 1996 and it is physically located in Denver, Colorado.

There are so many domain registrars available on the World Wide Web nowadays. What makes Gotonames stand out? Why would consumers want to transfer or purchase domains at this site? One reason for using their domain registration/transfer service is to get free website hosting.

The free website hosting plan found on Gotonames is only available to their customers who have purchased a domain name on their site or transferred an existing one to their site. This plan is fully functional and it has a series of useful features. You can check it out on their site or take a look of the following table:

Key features of the free web hosting plan provided with domain purchase at
Forced ads: no
Supported applications: WordPress, Drupal, Joomla and more
FTP access: yes
Scripting languages: CGI, PHP, Python
Domain purchase/transfer required: yes

gotonames.comAs you can see, this web hosting service is not absolutely free. Although you don’t need to pay for the hosting service, you will still need to spend some money on the domain purchase or transfer, since the free hosting package is just a bonus for domain transfer or registration. This means if you have no intention of buying any domain name on this website, you cannot enjoy this free service. If you just bought a new domain or transfer an existing one to this site, you may be glad to take advantage of this offer to set up your new website. By doing so, you will save some money on website hosting service. In addition, you still have the flexibility to host your domain on any web server you like. Since you own the name, you can move to other web host’s server if you change your mind later. For instance, on the Gotonames website, they also offer other 3 paid web hosting plans. These plans are provided to cater different customers and they come with different hosting features at different prices. You can compare them side by side and find the one best fit your needs.

In conclusion, provides a service which might be attractive to people to want to buy a domain name and get free web space at the same time.

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To know the detailed hosting features, you may want to contact them directly or read reviews written by their customers.

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