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by Joe is a website offering free website hosting services. If you want to get a free webpage hosting plan, you may want to visit this site for more information.

How to find the perfect web hosting plan?
Only you can decide whether a plan is suitable for your needs. But before starting to examine various plans, you should know what kind of website you are going to build and what hosting features you must have. For example, if you intend to build a site based on Python, you may need a plan that supports the language. If you want to host an online shop, you may need some eCommerce features for sure. Only after knowing what you want will you have a clear target when looking for a service plan.

Below we have listed the key features of the Stormpages web hosting plan. You can take a look to see whether it is good for your purpose.

This plan is powered by Community Architect and registration is completed on 20m.

How much storage space can we get?
20 MB web space is offered on this package at no cost. However, if you are willing to pay additional fees, you can upgrade to advanced plans with better features such as bigger hosting capacities.

Do they provide website builder at no cost?
Yes. A site builder is included to help users to create a website. With this tool, you can save a lot of hassle dealing with technical issues.

Do they support FTP access?
No. Users of this stormpages plan will not get any FTP account. Instead, they can use the online file manager to upload their files on to the web server.

Is it a free website hosting with no ads?
This free service is based on advertising. So they will put their or third party’s ads on users’ sites. If you don’t mind paying a small fee, you can get an ad-less hosting with better features as well. Usually, forced advertisements are viewed as an unfavorable factor. Website visitors to your site may have a negative impression if they see excessive ads or popups. That is why free webhosting plans that don’t utilize compulsory advertisements are very popular.

Can we get free sub domain?
As mentioned above, the account registration is performed on So you may get a 2nd level domain name on as

stormpages.comMain features of the free web page hosting plan provided at
Web storage space: 20 MB
Bandwidth: unlimited
Free site builder: yes
Forced ads: yes
File uploading method: file manager
Free sub domain:

In conclusion, is offering a free webpage hosting service which has a free website builder as a feature. Although this plan has very basic features, it does provide an opportunity for people to have their own websites without paying any fees.

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