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by Joe

At, you can find several web hosting services. To satisfy their clients’ various needs, they have provided 3 plans on their site including two free plans and one paid plan. The paid plan has no special requirements but it charges a monthly fee. The two free plans are for those who don’t mind adding an attribute link and/or some ads on their sites. For your information, Vlexofree has been providing free website hosting services since 2007.

Considering that our mission is to assist new blog owners to get an affordable website hosting plan, we will just concentrate on the specifications in their free web hosting plans.

Vlexofree provides two free plans including “Personal 500” and “Expert 2000”. These two plans come with different features and requirements. You can see the table below for their major differences.

In general, the Expert 2000 has better features than the Personal 500. For instance, the Expert 2000 plan has 2 GB disk space, 20 GB monthly bandwidth, 3 addon domains, 5 MySQL databases and 10 FTP accounts, while the Personal 500 plan only has 512 MB disk space, 5 GB monthly bandwidth, 2 addon domains, 2 MySQL databases and 2 FTP account. But the Expert 2000 plan comes with ads, which means you have to show their ads on your site while using this plan. If you want ad-free service, you can either upgrade to the paid plan or use the Personal 500 plan. But no matter which free plan you are going to use, you have to linkback from your website to their site because it is mandatory.

These two plans support many commonly used server-side scripts such as PHP, Perl, Ruby on Rails and Python, which might be welcomed by website developers. For instance, Ruby on Rails (Ror) is useful for making a website, but it isn’t always available on free webhosting services. The website hosting package available from Vlexofree seems tempting, particularly for people who need to have Ror.

vlexofree.comLastly, let us take a look what kind of customer support they provide. Vlexofree’s free web site hosting packages include forum support. Telephone support is usually not provided by free services. They tend not to offer phone support since it’s very costly. Usually, only email or forum support is provided. When using these types of support, you need to be willing to wait since responses to your questions will not be immediately available.

In conclusion, offers two free website hosting plans which support Ruby on Rails.

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