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by Joe

Do you have your own custom sub-domain name for your website? is a website offering free sub-domain name registration and free web site hosting services. If you need a sub-domain name or a web space for your new site, you may like this site.

Web sites on the internet are run on web servers which serve website pages to web browsers. Many businesses offer web hosting services for the purpose of hosting websites on the internet. Generally, 2 types of web hosting plans are available: paid and free. Both kinds of services have pluses and minuses.

The biggest advantage of free plans is low cost. For instance, the free webhosting plan offered at Smartdots is completely free. There is no fee charged for using this service. What makes the plan even better is that it also offers sub-domain registration and email services at no additional cost. These features are commonly seen among many other free web hosting services. What makes them unique then? At Smartdots, you can register a sub-domain on a variety of domain names. You have the freedom to pick the one you like most. But before getting your subdomain, you have to check its availability. If it is not available on one domain, you can simply try another domain to see whether the same name is available or not. Because they have provided you a list of domains, it is quite likely you will find the name you want. And their email services feature with POP3 and IMAP access. They also allow you to have as many mailboxes as you want. However, your mails’ storage space should not exceed 1 GB on their server. Another feature of the Smartdots free hosting plan you may like is unlimited bandwidth, which ensures that you can have as many as web visitors to your site.

However, everything has two sides. The drawbacks of free web hosting plans include insufficient hosting capacity and flexibility, and typically minimal customer service. For instance, you will only get up to 300 MB disk space when using this plan on Smartdots. This is relatively small, particularly for people who are planning to build big websites. Also, you can only get technical support by using the ticket system and you can’t discuss your problems with them over the phone.

But the question is, “Should you sign up with this Smartdots website hosting service?” Please remember that the kind of service plan appropriate for you always depends on your needs. If you have a tight budget or are just starting your first website, you may find free website hosting services suitable. If you need more web hosting features and full customer support, you may want a paid hosting plan instead. So make sure that you fully understand your needs and the features included in the plan before purchasing any hosting service plan.

Main features of the free web hosting service offered at
Web storage space: 300 Mb
Bandwidth per month: unlimited
Number of subdomains: unlimited
Free subdomains: yes (example:
Email: yes
Scripting: PHP5, MySQL database
Forced ads: no
FTP: yes
Free website builder: yes
Free templates: yes
Customer service: ticket system

smartdots.comThe bottom-line:
For people who need a free website hosting plan with unlimited bandwidth, no forced ads, a site building tool and sub-domain names, they probably are willing to visit

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