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by Joe is a company providing a variety of web hosting services such as reseller hosting, VPS web hosting, SEO web hosting and so on. Among all of their service plans, three are free website hosting plans which do not charge monthly fees. But they are not 100% free, since users are required to pay setup fees.

The 3 free web hosting plans at have different features and different one-time setup fees. Generally speaking, the package with the highest setup fee (C plan) comes with better features and more benefits; the one with the lowest setup fee (K plan) lacks good features.

For example, C plan gives you 1.5 GB disk space and 25 GB monthly bandwidth; the K plan only gives you 0.3 GB disk space and 2 GB monthly bandwidth. Obviously, if you need a bigger storage space and higher bandwidth, you will go with the C plan, even though you may need to pay a larger setup fee. But fortunately you only need to pay the setup fee once. And also the storage capacity and data transfer quota are not the only different between these two plans. The C plan also has tons of advanced features you will not see in the K plan such as more add-on domains, more parked-domains, more FTP accounts, more E-mail accounts, more scripting languages support and so on. So in the long run, you may be happy with a more expensive package if you need the flexibility offered by better features.

KVChosting_comAlthough the C plan has more features than the K plan, it doesn’t mean you have to choose it. If you don’t need the fancy features, you don’t need to waste money on them. If you need a free webhosting service with basic features, the K plan may be already good for you since it shares many basic features with the other free plans with higher setup fees. For instance, the K plan also offers email services, FTP access, PHP 5 support and custom domain name. The only difference is the quantity and quality of services you will get with these free plans may be not same. For example, with the K plan, you will get only 1 FTP account; with the C plan, you will get 20 FTP accounts. If multiple FTP accounts can make managing your website easier, you should go with the C plan. If 1 FTP account is enough for your website’s everyday file management, you don’t need the multi–FTP accounts feature.

These KVChosting “free” web hosting plans are not sponsored by advertising. They will not show their advertising banners on your site hosted with these “free” plans. However, they will show a text containing their site’s name on the footer your site. This rule is applied to all the 3 free plans they offer.

The bottom-line:
If you are looking for an affordable web hosting package, or don’t mind paying 1 time setup fee for a free website hosting service, you may be interested in learning more about the services offered at

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One good online place to find reviews and complaints is, since KVChosting is a BBB accredited business and its current BBB rating is A-.

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