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by Joe is an internet site where visitors can find a free web hosting plan with many free website building gadgets. This free service is powered by Community Architect.

When using this hosting plan, you will get 50 MB of webspace. Is this amount of web space large enough to host your blog or site? It depends on what kind of web sites you are going to build. If you just want to start a simple blog containing mainly text content, 50 MB may be enough. However, if you wish to have a site hosting videos or high-resolution photos, this plan may not meet your needs.

Bandwidth is another web hosting feature that you should consider when looking for a website hosting service. This plan only allows your site to use up to 1 GB bandwidth per month. If you or your sites’ readers need to transfer a large amount of data to/from the web server, you may need a plan with a larger data transfer allowance.

When signing up for the free hosting plan at this site, you have to choose how your website’s URL will be displayed. You can use your existing domain name or register for a new domain. If you don’t want to spend money on purchasing a domain name, you can take advantage of this free sub-domains. They offer multiple sub-domains without additional cost. What you need to do is just to give your site a new name.

When using this free service, you will save money not only on web hosting but also on site building tools because you are allowed to use a site builder and many webpage templates at zero cost. These gadgets may help you to set up a new attractive website quickly. If you want to add more fun to your site, you can use the pre-installed scripts to add a visitor counter, a guest book, a photo album or other functional components onto your website or blog.

At this site, you are allowed to create as many free accounts as you want. But they do have an account inactivity policy: they will delete accounts without any activity in the past 60 days. So in order to avoid account deletion, you should log into your accounts regularly.

biz_lyThe key features of the free site hosting plan found at are:
Webspace: 50 MB
Bandwidth: 1000 MB per month
Free sub-domains: yes (example:
Number of email accounts: 3
Free site builder: yes
Free website templates: yes
Forced ads: yes
Number of accounts: unlimited
Activity requirement: 60 days
Maximum uploading file size: 256KB
Paid hosting plans: available

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